Shikha Malhotra- Humanity trumps everything else

Sikha Malohtra
Sikha Malohtra

If you have seen acclaimed Bollywood movies such as Running Shaadi and Fan, you must have come across this talented actress and powerhouse of talent. She has also carved her own niche in the film Kaanchli: Life In a Slough where she has worked with Sanjay Mishra. Now, the story gets even more interesting. Shunning the sound-bites and news updates of her fitness regime and life during lockdown like many of her contemporaries, this talented and young Bollywood actress garnered headlines for volunteering as a healthcare worker and COVID warrior in Mumbai. Sounds unbelievable? It is, but then this is a true story that legends are made out of! 

Sikha Malohtra
Sikha Malohtra

We are talking of none other than Shikha Malhotra, the Bollywood actress who has endeared herself to millions and also thousands of nursing aspirants and professionals, with her latest decision. Shikha Malhotra has officially shared her experience of working as a volunteer at a Mumbai hospital for the fight against coronavirus. For those who do not know yet, Shikha Malhotra is a trained nursing professional who decided to tap into her reserves of energy, compassion and experience to help battle COVID-19. 

Shikha Malhotra’s heartwarming decision 

On her official Instagram account, Shikha Malhotra officially stated that for people who do not know, she is a registered nurse with a B.Sc degree in nursing from Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi. She spent 5 years as a nursing aspirant and also stated on Instagram that she is thankful for the appreciation and support of the community in relation to her achievements and efforts. Malhotra wrote from the heart when she stated that she had a burning desire to once again serve the nation and hence her decision to join a Mumbai hospital for combating the COVID-19 health crisis. 

She talked of how she was always there to serve patients as a nurse while also being an entertainer. She talked of how she would require the blessings of everyone for successfully doing her bit as a nurse at this time. She has also posted a picture of her working as a volunteer at the Hindu Hruday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray Trauma Hospital which is situated at Mumbai’s Jogeshwari locality. She was holding a stethoscope and wearing a mask in the picture. 

Contracting COVID-19 and facing it bravely 

Malhotra also exhorted people to stay at home and support the Government while staying safe and sound amidst the pandemic. She voluntarily nursed COVID-19 patients for 6 months although she unfortunately contracted the coronavirus some days earlier as well. However, she has officially shared an update on her Instagram account, requesting netizens not to take the illness as a fake or propaganda-laced item. She talked of how she was fully overwhelmed to get so much respect and love from her entire family and community. She stated that she garnered the courage for writing an official Instagram post after seeing how concerned everybody was for her health. 

Malhotra has talked about how her parents, who are in New Delhi, are really worried about her at the moment. She is presently on oxygen as per her update, with low saturation, breathing difficulties and severe pain in the chest. The sugar level is going down in spite of the fact that there is no history of blood sugar in her entire family. Malhotra talked of how she is consuming her meals in a timely manner and how her sugar levels have touched 30 in spite of the same. She also talked of a feeling of dizziness and headaches owing to lack of ample oxygen. 

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Malhotra has also added that with the prayers and wishes of her fans and well-wishers, she feels confident enough that she will recover soon after defeating the dreaded virus. She stated that she was fortunate enough to have served for 6 months with the wishes of her fans and community. She stated her readiness and willingness to fight coronavirus while telling people that no COVID-19 vaccine has been readied as of yet. As a result, she asked people to take good care of themselves and also their loved ones and family members. Malhotra has asked people to strictly wash their hands regularly, wear masks and use sanitizer. She also signed off by talking about her immense gratitude for the infinite (in her own words) respect and love received from everyone. 

A Bollywood actress transforming into a trained nurse, caring for COVID-19 patients and eventually contracting the virus and fighting it successfully, is an exception. Shikha Malhotra is truly an inspiration for nursing aspirants, students, professionals, healthcare workers, COVID warriors, her colleagues and most importantly, Indian citizens. 


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