Lack of medical attention causes demise of a neonate

medical attention demise

Being a part of this heart wreaking happening, a 30 year old lady had to face the demise of her bundle of joy due to shortage of medical surveillance because she had to give birth in the middle of her journey to the hospital, late Monday night. The bairn dismally perished after a couple of hours. The incident took place when the state was fostering deliveries to be held under expert surveillance.

Victim’s family claims that they were obligated to take the woman to Bassi Community’s Health centre apres she was unsuccessful to get aid from Banskho Community Health Centre as their nursing staff was posted at RUHS Covid-devoted hospital in the city. Due to this, the woman had to parturate the child while travelling to the CHC of Bassi.

medical  attention demise

Subsequent to this traumatic event, the health division deployed two nurses to CHC at Banskho from RUHS Hospital on Tuesday.

According to the investigation conducted by the health officer, it is claimed that the family never reached Banskho CHC and that the family did not even contact the hospital for an ambulance or inform the emergency obstetrician.  


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