Mobile ICU by Philips

Mobile Intensive Care Units (ICUs) will be introduced in India by the end of this year to meet the demanding needs of intensive care in the country, Philips India, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical equipment, announced on Tuesday. The prefabricated intensive care units, which are tailored to the needs of the patient, have a capacity of nine beds and are manufactured locally by Philips in India, it said in a statement.

The intensive care units can be assembled in one day at a selected location and reassembled at any time of day or night, according to the company.

The portable intensive care units are ideal for government agencies and organizations that want to improve local reach and reduce the need for emergency medical services in high crime areas, he added.

In addition, this solution will be important in the long term to meet the need for intensive care, “said Mazon. The company believes it will help the country effectively combat COVID-19 by enabling health facilities to increase their bed capacity. When asked about the cost and availability of the portable intensive care unit, Philips India (PTI) said that the prefabricated nine-bed intensive care unit starts at about 1 cron and can be further adapted to customer requirements. It would be sold directly to hospitals, the company added.

The self-sufficient unit covers an area of 1,380 square meters and requires only an on-site electricity and water connection to be operational.


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