Nurses are Running The PHC

Healthcare worker having an headache
Healthcare worker having an headache

In Baripada, Odisha, while the state government claims to have recruited a sufficient number of doctors to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients in their hospitals, nurses lead the center. Interestingly, two doctors were sent to the facility, which was recently upgraded from a area hospital to a PHC. While one of the doctors rarely appears on duty, the other Ayush doctor, Deepak Behera, sends his patients to PHC.

Some of the villagers suffer from serious illness for which there is no doctor to treat. However, when people reached the PHC, they were told that the doctor had been absent for three days.

Unwilling to take the risk, Deepak took Minati to Kaptipada Hospital, but not before a video of him lying on his hospital bed waiting for a doctor to treat him went viral on social media. Dr Sibananda Mohanty said steps had been taken to address the crisis at the PHC.


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