Osmania Hospital Becomes River in Hyderabad

India’s technology city Hyderabad is trying to build new secretariat on a big expense whereas some of the old hospitals are still struggling for issues to be resolved. Osmania hospital flooded with water and flow on the main gate is like a small river. Many politicians are visiting the site to review the situation and giving the views.

Raja Singh, Goshamahal MLA, is accusing Chief Minister of the condition of the hospital and referring the multiple reminders given in the past. He says “Osmania hospital is a heritage building and anytime can be collapsed. The medical superintendent is a careless person and not giving proper attention to the matter”

“Doctors treating the patients wearing a helmet but are afraid of hospital building collapse,” says Raja Singh.

Raja Singh talking about Osmania Hospital

The hospital is one of the biggest in the city and at risk of spreading infection since a COVID-19 facility. Wards are visibly filled with patients and water on the floor.


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