Health Ministry facilitates Psychiatric Consultation within COVID-19 Facility

Health Care Worker

The Central Government on Sunday has published guidelines in order to create psychiatric provisions as the pandemic has brought multiple complexities relating to mental wellbeing.

Medical Trials predict that depression and manifestations of post horrible pressure problems could be severely high amongst the COVID patients as there are numerous reports that mentions difficulty in isolating the patients. Also, the government has considered the future psychological health related issues that may be experienced by the prior depression patients during the pandemic.

Health Care Worker
Health Care Worker

Problems like stresses related to change in way of living, job misfortunes and future vulnerability have led the population to panic and can also provoke psychological distress.

Reports depict a great spike in cases like anxiety, depression, insomnia, suicidal tendencies among youngsters, aggressive behaviour at home which are the results of rigorous lockdown in the complete territory.

So as to curb these symptoms the government has taken an initiative by introducing guidelines for the hospitals to open up Psychiatric Consultation Facility parallelly with the COVID Facility. Under the guidelines, it is clearly stated to conduct Mental status examination within 24 hours of admission of a patient. While examining it is mandatory for all the staff members to wear PPE kits while entering the facility and minimum staff is recommended.

Physicians often complain about non-cooperation by the patients while treatment, that compels the doctors to sedate them. Looking at the safety of both the staff and patient the government took such steps.

The guideline has also mentioned the fact that the patients would not be allowed to meet anyone physically but will be facilitated with video conferencing options in case of an emergency.

The document for the most part centers around the mental soundness of older individuals, perinatal women with psychological sickness and kids, and young people with dysfunctional behavior.


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