COVID-19 vaccine progress: know how close we are to the corona vaccine

Coronavirus covid-19 experimental vaccine

Many countries are trying to get the Coronavirus pandemic vaccine and medicine (covid-19 vaccine progress). Where are the world and India engaged in this research? If these vaccines are made, when will we reach them? What is the truth behind it? Is something there, that government agencies (of India and different counties) are hiding with us?

A threat has brought the whole world under one roof. Around 140 vaccines are in operation worldwide to deal with the coronavirus. But in the meantime, an Indian company ‘Bharat Biotech covid-19 vaccine) has achieved a huge success in making vaccines in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology, Pune. 

 Coronavirus covid-19 experimental vaccine

But, later we found that the clinical trials of this vaccine have stopped due to some issues. 

The company made a statement, “We are vigorously reviewing the situation and holding the trial of the vaccine in India till the commencement of the AstraZeneca trial. We are actively following the instructions proposed by the Drug Controller General of India.”

The company took this decision after receiving notice from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). DCGI had asked the Serum Institute why it had not been told that AstraZeneca had stopped the trial of this vaccine. The DCGI stated in the notice that SII did not even submit its analysis of the ‘serious adverse effects’ of the vaccine.

Even after AstraZeneca announced to stop the trial, the Serum Institute said that the trial would continue. The company said in a statement on Tuesday, “We cannot say too much about trials going on in the UK.” Serum Institute said that as far as trials in India are concerned, it is ongoing and there is no problem with this.

This notice was issued in view of the incident in which a speculated serious reaction was inscribed in a Volunteer in the UK. The Volunteer was administered a booster dose of the Cavitied vaccine.

When asked to stop the trial of the vaccine in other countries from the Serum Institute of India, he said, “We cannot comment much on UK trials, but further work has been stopped by them.” We hope to start again soon. As far as the Indian trials are concerned, it continues and we have not faced any problems. Despite this, if the Drug Controller General of India has some safety concerns, we will obediently follow their instructions.

The similar thing happened in Brazil during the trial of Covid 19 Vaccine. 

Brazil has suffered a setback amid reports of the early arrival of the Corona vaccine. Brazilian health agency Anvisa said on Wednesday that a Brazilian volunteer has been killed in the ongoing Phase III trial of the AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccines in the country but did not release further details citing confidentiality.

Despite of the death of a volunteer during the clinical trial, the Brazilian health agency Anvisa has announced the continuation of the test. However, it is not clear whether the vaccine was given the vaccine during the trial.

Health agency Anvisa has refused to disclose anything citing reasons for medical confidentiality. It is being said that the Covid-19 vaccine group was independently reviewed, there has been no lapse. Brazil has not expressed any concern about the safety or omission to be taken during the vaccine test. The Brazilian regulator recommended that the test should continue.

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Brazilian Media Report Claimed

Bloomberg’s report on this entire matter is shocking. According to the report, the volunteer who died was not given the vaccine. A source associated with the vaccine trial has told news agency Reuters that if the volunteer who died was given the vaccine, the trial would have been stopped. The volunteer was part of the control group that was given the drug for meningitis.

A Brazilian newspaper O-Globo has also confirmed the same by quoting the formula. According to news agency G1, the volunteer who died was 28 years old and used to treat Corona patients in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian government did not release much information about volunteers,but hopes of countries around the world, including India, are on the vaccine going forward. This vaccine is being produced at the Serum Institute in Pune. The Federal University of São Paulo, which is coordinating the Phase III trial, has not told where the volunteer who died is from. The vaccine trial will continue even after Volunteer’s death. Oxford scientists have said that there is no need to worry about the safety of the vaccine.

Trials were closed in the US

Earlier in September, a volunteer was taken to hospital during a vaccine trial in Britain. After this, trials were stopped all over the world. However, trials resumed elsewhere except in the US.

These are the current scenario of vaccine trails. though, we are not sure about the success of different vaccines, we can only wait about clearer reports on this. Hope to get this Covid mess end soon. 

In Brief: The Serum Institute of India has banned the trial of AstraZeneca’s Corona vaccine in India. among many clinical trials in different countries, the scientists and doctors are not getting 100% success. 


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