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Sometimes, it is not just about the frontline workers who make the sacrifices that rightly lend them noble and heroic status nationwide. Yes, we are talking of nursing professionals who make sacrifices and deliver on challenges that others would shy away from. However, there is something called a backroom team that helps these courageous professionals remain consistent, get news and information related to their profession and related developments while also being empowered with access to the latest educational trends, updates and a lot more. Mr. Vikas Sharma aspires to be this one-stop solution or backroom warrior for nursing professionals with his pioneering website and smartphone app alike. 

Vikas sharma

Nursing World is an attempt towards helping students, aspirants and professionals prepare for competitive examinations in this field while helping them gain invaluable insights, knowledge and content that becomes a stronger alternative towards traditional coaching institutes. The Student First philosophy embodied by Vikas Sharma is what propels his endeavors. The value system here is strong and along with knowledge, educational content, insights and news, there is a strong attempt towards unifying the nursing community and helping them realize the dignity of their work. A platform that seeks to be a one-stop or 360 degree solution for nursing professionals is the dream of Vikas Sharma and this has now fructified productively. 

A stellar career in public service and administration 

There is more to Vikas Sharma than tirelessly striving to create content that educates, informs and helps nursing aspirants and professionals. While he believes in doing his bit to empower and enlighten the bright future professionals of the nation, he has himself been a beacon of administrative and public service excellence over the years. 

Vikas Sharma is presently employed as Principal at the prestigious Balaji College of Nursing at Bhilwara, Rajasthan. In his glittering academic journey till date, Sharma has 11+ years of experience in his profession, covering both administrative duties and teaching alike. He has completed his M.Sc in Nursing from the Jiwaji University in Gwalior and is presently pursuing his Ph. D in Nursing from the Geetanjali University of Udaipur. Sharma also possesses a post-graduate diploma in Nursing Administration or PGDNA along with the Observer Certificate for MAS (Minimal Access Surgery) from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) in New Delhi. 

Sharma also has experience of working across more than 5 Indian Universities which gives him a diverse and value-oriented perspective towards his administrative and academic endeavors. Most importantly, his content creation and examination aptitude/support credentials come to the fore since he has formerly been a moderator and paper setter with four different universities in the country. He is the founder and developer of the Nursing World Android application for smartphones which is dedicated exclusively to the entire nursing community and nursing fraternity at large. He gives equal credit to Vikas Upadhyay and grateful for standing with him in the journey of creating an application and website.

Sharma has a vast list of publications that should certainly merit attention. These include the following: 

  • Article Published in Global Foundation for Nursing Profession and Social Services (GFNPSS) July 2019. 
  • Sharma, Vikas; “A study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme on the safe handling of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs for staff nurses working in a selected hospital, Gwalior”; Anushree Journal of Advanced Nursing (AJOAN); April-Sept 2013; Vol. 3 No.1; Page No.12-15. 
  • Sharma, Vikas; “A study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme on the safe handling of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs for staff nurses working in a selected hospital, Gwalior”; Journal Of Medical Surgical Nursing (JMSN); July 2013; Vol I-III; Page No. 22-24. 
  • Sharma, Vikas; “Legal Concept in Nursing Practice”; Nursing.com; May 2010; Page No. 3-5. 5) A receipt get for publication of a research article in The Nursing Journal Of India dated 17-02-2012.

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Confidence and hard work personified

Vikas Sharma is the very embodiment of confidence and years of hard work in public service, nursing and administration. This is what makes him one of the most important spokespersons for the Indian nursing community and the medical fraternity at large. With his website and Android application, he now caters to a fast-growing community of innumerable nursing professionals, medical professionals, nursing aspirants and the general public in India. With his duties as Principal and other academic pursuits, he holds responsibility for grooming and nurturing the next generation of aware, enlightened and skilled nursing professionals in the country. 

With his publications and research, Vikas Sharma adds more feathers to his cap as an ace content creator for the sector, tirelessly working to build up helpful material for aspirants in competitive examinations while continually seeking innovation and evolution in that order, in his own words. Humble as ever in spite of his towering achievements at a relatively young age, Vikas Sharma is symbolic of the motto that hard work is all that you require to achieve your goals. He is a huge support system for the entire nursing community in his own right, dedicating his life towards uplifting and empowering professionals in this sector.  


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