ICN Set To release Code of Ethics for Nurses

ICN Code of Ethics For Nurses

With the height of challenges faced by nurses all over the world, be it in the field of technology, social justice, models of care, or any other parameter, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) has decided to revise its ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses. It has launched the consultation on 21st October to meet the new realities of nursing and healthcare which needed a new revised and refreshed Code of Ethics.

ICN was founded in 1899, with currently representing 20 million nurses worldwide. ICN is the combined unit of 130 National Nurses Association (NNAs). Its mission is to advocate health and promote well being of nurses in all policies.

ICN Code of Ethics For Nurses

This new form of the Code has just gone through a full and vigorous survey by individuals from the ICN Board just as an Expert Steering Group. ICN has requested international bodies like Nursing Now, World Health Organisation and teachers, authorities, and people for suggestions. The cutoff time for the convenience of comments is 22 November 2020, after which the information will be examined and acquainted in a report with the ICN Board for the extra idea. The as of late rethought ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses will be released in 2021.

In a recent interview Annette Kennedy, ICN President said that in any kind of circumstance ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses not only enables the nurses to give the best quality care to patients but also helps them in the decision-making process. He also said that nurses have to face ethical conundrums on an everyday basis. During the difficult time of the pandemic, the difficulties and pressure on nurses have drastically increased lately.

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A guide for activity-dependent on social qualities and necessities, the ICN Code of Ethics has filled in as the norm for medical attendants worldwide since it was first embraced in 1953. The Code is routinely explored and reexamined because of the real factors of nursing and medical care in an evolving society. It gives moral direction corresponding to medical caretakers’ jobs, obligations, practices, dynamics, and associations with patients and individuals who are accepting nursing care. Utilized in the mix with the laws, guidelines, and expert norms of nations that administer attendants’ training, the Code guides medical caretakers in their ordinary decisions and supports their refusal to take an interest in exercises that are against the caring and healing process.

ICN CEO, Howard Catton, mentioned the new conduct which will reflect changes in the society. The nurses must work in unison and stand against discrimination jointly. He also stated that nursing being the most trusted profession, it has to maintain its high standard.


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