Dexamethasone: A Saviour of Preterm Infants

Preterm birth

Preterm birth is still a great problem in the world and bigger is the problem of their early deaths. Every year about 15 million infants are born prematurely. It is considered that the rates of death of preterm born infants are much higher in low-level income countries due to lack of adequate newborn care.

Reports state that preterm infants can endure long lasting impacts, for example, cerebral paralysis, mental impediment, visual and hearing debilitations, and chronic weakness and development. Infants brought into the world a couple of weeks early often have long haul challenges, for example, behavioral and social-passionate issues.

Preterm birth

The conclusions of various clinical tryouts show that dexamethasone (a glucocorticoid used to treat numerous conditions, including arthritic issues and serious COVID-19 condition) can help in boosting survival of untimely infants when given to pregnant ladies in danger of preterm birth in low-asset settings. The drug enters the placenta and speed-up lung development which reduces the major probability of a lung-disease in the newborn.

In the beginning, it was just believed that such drugs have a significant role in saving the lives of the premature infants. This was the first time where a clinical test has demonstrated that the medications are likewise compelling in low-pay settings.

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According to the trial, the doctors are expected to choose a suitable pregnant lady who have greater chances to go well with the treatment and are supposed to begin the treatment at the correct time before giving birth for the best and optimal effect of the drug.

Studies show that the drug is depicting vital signs of curing COVID-19 patients and also helps in reducing the spike in the maternal bacterial infection while treating the pregnant lady.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has added dexamethasone to its Essential Medicines List and expects it to revolutionise the healthcare sectors.


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