Shri Narendra Modi Aims to Open 2,5000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras, Unveils Grand Healthcare and Economic Visions on Independence Day

Modi's Independence Day Address: Health, Economy, and Global Welfare Take Center Stage

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi delivered a compelling Independence Day address from the iconic Red Fort, outlining ambitious plans to expand the reach of Jan Aushadhi Kendras, propel India’s economic growth, and underscored the significance of traditional medicine and women-led development. Modi’s visionary speech resonated with the promise of accessible healthcare, economic prosperity, and global welfare.

Jan Aushadhi Kendra Expansion:

PM Modi announced a momentous goal of increasing the count of ‘Jan Aushadhi Kendras’ from 10,000 to a staggering 25,000. These centers are dedicated to making quality generic medicines accessible to all citizens. In a resounding statement, he highlighted the profound impact of these Kendras on reducing healthcare costs. “Through Jan Aushadhi Kendras, the medicines that cost Rs 100, we are giving it at Rs 10 to Rs 15,” he proclaimed, showcasing a remarkable cost reduction for essential medications.

Healthcare and Holistic Wellness:

Modi emphasized holistic healthcare as a pivotal requirement in the post-Covid era. He credited India’s human-centric approach during the pandemic and announced the establishment of a separate Ayush department. The world, he affirmed, is recognizing India’s contributions to holistic healing, Ayush, and Yoga. The ‘Jan Aushadhi Kendras’ and holistic health practices solidify India’s emergence as a global leader in healthcare solutions.

Global Recognition of Traditional Medicine:

In a historic achievement, India established a global-level center for traditional medicine in Gujarat, recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). This pioneering initiative reinforces the country’s rich heritage of traditional healing practices. The center is poised to rekindle ancient wisdom for the betterment of humanity across the globe, demonstrating India’s commitment to global health and welfare.

Economic Ascension and Women-Led Development:

PM Modi hailed India’s exponential growth in exports, positioning the nation as the world’s fifth-largest economy. Striding towards the future, he confidently predicted India’s ascent to the top three economies in the coming years. Modi’s address also underscored the role of women-led development, acknowledging the pivotal contribution of women in shaping India’s progress.

Global Welfare and Unity:

Modi’s powerful vision encompassed the pursuit of global welfare and unity. He urged India to become “Vishwa Mitra” (friend of the world), highlighting the nation’s responsibility to champion global well-being in addition to regional development. Addressing the middle class, Modi emphasized that Jan Aushadhi Kendras empower citizens and contribute to collective progress.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Independence Day address resonated with hope, innovation, and ambition. The expansion of ‘Jan Aushadhi Kendras,’ the recognition of traditional medicine on a global scale, the promise of economic prosperity, and the commitment to global welfare exemplify India’s determination to lead in healthcare, economics, and humanity’s well-being. As the nation stands united, inspired by Modi’s vision, a promising future lies ahead.


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