India MedTech Expo 2023 Marks Remarkable Progress in Healthcare Innovation

Empowering Healthcare Innovation: India MedTech Expo 2023 Propels Self-Reliance and Global Excellence

Lamp Lighting During the India MedTech Expo 2023

In a significant stride towards self-sufficiency and growth in the medical technology sector, the India MedTech Expo 2023 was inaugurated today under the umbrella of the G20 Summit. Organized by the Department of Pharmaceutical and Chemical and Fertilizers, the event witnessed the participation of over 200 delegates representing 40 countries. The Expo, a confluence of researchers, academicians, startup entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals, aims to pave the way for India’s emergence as a global MedTech powerhouse.

Addressing the audience, Shri Mansukh Mandaviya, Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Chemicals and Fertilizers of India, highlighted the paradigm shift in the nation’s approach towards healthcare. He emphasized that the transformation brought about by Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership is not merely symbolic but comprehensive. Shri Mandaviya elucidated that the healthcare strategy transcends the boundaries of traditional dispensary-centric thinking, adopting a holistic perspective encompassing all aspects of wellness.

The focus on the medical device sector emerged as a central theme of the Expo. India, being a rapidly growing economy, has witnessed an escalating demand for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Shri Mandaviya underscored the government’s commitment to fostering self-reliance, or “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” within the sector. The establishment of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing within India, a facet of the Atmanirbhar initiative, was explored. Shri Mandaviya elucidated the government’s investments in this domain and its proactive stance in creating an environment conducive to indigenous production. The transition from high import dependence to domestic production was substantiated by the unveiling of three bulk drug parks and four Medical Device Parks.

Gujarat, a trailblazing model state in India’s development trajectory, garnered attention during the Expo. Bhupendra Rajnikant Patel, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, illuminated the pivotal role played by Shri Narendra Modi in shaping the Swarajya model and providing a platform for exponential growth. Patel’s discourse resonated with the theme of self-reliance and highlighted Gujarat’s role in boosting manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors.

S Aparna, Secretary of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Chemical and Fertilizers, elaborated on the comprehensive policy framework designed to bolster the medical device sector. The recently approved National Medical Device Policy, encompassing regulatory streamlining, infrastructure enhancement, R&D facilitation, human resource development, and brand positioning, exemplified the government’s proactive measures. Notably, the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme is contributing to the expansion of domestic capacity, with 37 unique medical products being developed under its purview.

The India MedTech Expo 2023 symbolizes a critical juncture in India’s healthcare journey, advocating for a holistic approach, self-sufficiency, and innovation. As the Expo unfolds, it propels the nation towards realizing its aspiration of becoming a global MedTech leader, fortified by collaboration, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to public health.


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