National Commission for Allied and Healthcare Professionals” Bill Passed In Lok Sabha

The Parliament of India witnessed a historical milestone bill for National Commission for  Allied and Healthcare professionals. The bill was due the last year. A week earlier the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha and today on 24 March, the bill was passed in Lok Sabha.  

During the speech in Lok Sabha, Dr. HarshVardhan pointed out its qualities and necessity. He said that the bill will bring the paradigm shift in health care delivery in the near future. As we all know after the attack of the corona virus, the healthcare system must be improvised. This bill is set to bring higher standards to the healthcare system. 

The proposed bill will be enacted after the approval of the President, Ramnath Kovind. The bill will recognize the specialized skills of health care workers that are allied and healthcare professionals of more than 56 types. 

He also expressed his gratitude towards health care workers and other frontline workers for the sacrifice and efforts during the troubled times of covid 19. 

The functions of the proposed National Commission are:-  

  • It will provide a uniform exam for entrance and exit. 
  • Providing basic standards of education 
  • Framing the standards of education 
  • Maintaining an online Central Register of all registered professionals 

With the implementation of the proposed bill, employment opportunities will increase in high numbers. It will also enhance the standards of education. Not only education, but the regulation of the services by them is also a key feature of the commission. 

The bill was passed today by voice votes. This will bring great reforms as this is the first commission being set up after the independence of the country.


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