KK could have been resuscitated at least?

Roopa Rawat Opinion

Working at and with one of the finest emergency departments and professionals- I have learned one thing death is not always destiny sometimes delay precedes it.

We have been witnessing this delay but not learning from it- Sidharth Shukla, APJ Kalaam, and now KK (many more). Apart from celebrities, we do have many stories and incidents where we have lost our near and dear ones to similar causes.

He was 53 years, and while performing on stage he developed all the classic signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Just by checking his blood pressure, pulse or listening to his complaints any medical professionals or even a lay man would have asked him to rush to the hospital for ECG. But it was not done? Why?

Because of our public healthcare negligence?

Is public health being confine people of underprivileged communities. But life is important for all even people from the affluent class who is dying in cities without being treated.

As a Nurse I can not digest the death of a celebrity in a concert without a medical support team- why not emergency has not been included as an important area of even management? Is health or life less important than entertainment?

These are the questions with simple answers but yet a dream to implement.

I wish I will not hear any more such preventable death from either celebrities or role models or beloved citizens and start a campaign- if you are feeling uneasy get check your blood pressure, and pulse and at least get an ECG- you are important to us.

I know this statement will bring so much discussion, disagreement, and hatred. As a new whole venture would emerge as “ECG on Wheels” and unethically people will be advised and compelled (by making them) for ECG.

But for me one thing is important, not a single life should go due to delay-and emergency care is worth and need of the hour.


    • Thanks Mr Jain- We nursing fraternity has to take Public health responsibility in our own hands and keep raising these type of issues with solutions. People like you can play a great role.

  1. Nice thought roopaji
    Kai bar mene apne personal life or apni hospitals exp.mai dekha hai ki logo ko unhe cardiac sign dikhte hai but usse gastritis karke ignore kar diye jatee hai or unki death ho jati agar samay par hospital nahi pahuchte hai or kai bar jab kisi ko.malum hota hai to vo agar hospital pauch bhi jaaye to usse sahi se dekha nahi jata or vaha bhi ignore kiya jata ya fir kuch advice nahi di jaati hai, hume apne health workers mai or behtar tranings ki jarurat hai or behaviour changes ki jarurat hai taki kai logo ki jan bachai ja sake ,mene apni nursing carrier mai kai logo ki samay par jan bachai gai or unhone samay par refer kiya gya hai ,or ye sub tabhi hota hai jab in mamlo mai prashkit hone chiye ,or hum log kai logo ki jan bachne ahem bhumika nibha sakte hai

  2. Nice thought roopa ji you working very well in health specially in tribal area where there nearby no one hospital even a single Pvt. Doctor. You are doing realy great work for those tribal community.

  3. I must appreciate your sincere efforts to come up with an important area of great concern.
    Yes, majority of the unexpected death could be prevented by knowledge, efforts and public awareness.
    Need to sensitise the public how to utilise the golden period wisely towards saving a life.

    • Thanks Mam, for appreciation and value adding words- lets make a better community for all. Where No one lose there dear due to preventable reasons. Each Life is important. Thanks for being encouraging always.

  4. Yes it’s all about approach/apportunity and then we accept it (death)as our destiny..
    May be your article could create a bit awareness…. alertness… without….easily accepting…this destiny (DEATH’)

    • Dear Ms Rawat, Thanks for your acceptance on this, awareness and alertness is our own responsibility lets create a community of self aware and reliant so every one can enjoy their life best possible way before we enter into unpredictable death bed.

  5. Nice thought …. surely your initiative will make changes …but it’s individual’s responsibility to take good care of himself .All these above said personalities are aware of the problems (signs) they were facing …wish they took that seriously .


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