INC and partners of NurseMidwife4Change campaign meet on the first anniversary

A meet was organized this week by NurseMidwife4Change campaign partners, Jhpiego, Indian Nursing Council (INC), All India Government Nurses Federation (AIGNF), The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI), and Society of Midwives-India (SOMI).

Many eminent nursing experts were present during the seminar and a penal interview was also held during the session.

The glimpse of the seminars are as follows:

T Dilip Kumar (President, Indian Nursing Council)

He praised Jepiogo for providing and funding and support for this campaign.

“Nurses are capable of learning the organization, we are able to do this through Jepigo” Data is going to empower the country and data is going to empower the nursing profession, if we do not have reliable data we can not argue with the policy makers for the policy change, the whole opportunity was given through the campaign”

“If you compare the ASHA workers, we as nursing and midwifery professionals really need that type of an opportunity to share some of the good practices”

Alok Kumar (IAS, Principal Secretary, Medical Education, Uttar Pradesh)

He highlighted the significant ramping up of medical infrastructure from 17 medical colleges in the year 2017 to 35 now.

Explained the State Medical Faculty functioning, licensing of the institutions, robust process of inspecting Nursing institutes, centralized admissions for all courses, and future goals of creation of Mentor institutions to mentor and guide other institutions.

He also said that the U.P. government is committed to improving and increasing the skill level of the faculties and working to take examinations and results within 20-25 days to make nursing students happy.

He unveiled the progress of an app created by the Uttar Pradesh government called ‘UP Niramaya’ for affiliation, accreditation, admissions, and employment of nurses.

Dr. Leslie Mancuso (President and CEO of Jhpiego)

“Midwives and nurses are the drivers of our work. It’s nurses and midwives who do the heavy lifting to keep the community healthy. We must assess all the obstacles that still stand in the way of our colleagues working to their core potential. The world will be short of 7.6 million trained nurses and midwives by 2030.”

“Indian Nursing Council says, India needs 2.4 million nurses to achieve a ratio of one nurse per 500 patients, as the population ages, chronic diseases increase, this shortage will only become critical. There should not be any lingering questions that investment in Midwifery and nursing to save lives. This is the time for all nurses to move from advocacy to action”

“Midwives and nurses like my colleague from India are just telling the world that they are capable leaders, they are showing them. Investment in their retention, investment in their leadership, investment in re-envisioning”

Somesh Kumar (Country Head, Jhpiego)
He said “Leadership comes first, leadership recognized by all the stakeholders. It can assume many forms but for me, state-level nursing directorate led by a nurse is such a key liver and potential driver that can drive a lot of this change that we are driving behind the scenes”

“This campaign probably has created some momentum on creating that profile and public opinion on the importance to look at this a cadre in a holistic manner, not looking nurse as a service provider but as a healthcare leader, administrator, policy maker and change maker and I think that is a rallying point for this advocacy. The key theme that we wanted to come out of this advocacy is this campaign.

Mrs. G.K. Khurana (Secretary General, AIGNF)

“I must tell you I am being working for more than 30 years for a change in their working conditions. When we joined nobody liked nursing at that time. Unless the working conditions of care of the caretakers.”

“Leadership for education is good, leadership for administration is good and all others but leadership for our rights should be there all the time.

She Shared her life experience as a nurse and leader and the working conditions of nurses when there was no accommodation for nurses in the past.

Prof. Roy K. George (TNAI President)

He highlighted the leadership, education and other issues faced by nurses and also shared the efforts being made in the appointment of the nursing directorate in Maharashtra and litigation against nurses.

Mitali Adhikar (President SOMI)

She spoke about the current progress of midwifery programs for students and educators in different states of India.

Shikha Malhotra (Nurse and Actress)

She shared her journey into nursing and inspiration from her mother and brother who are also nurses. She presented the photo contest awards to the nurses.

There was a panel interview and the panelist from different backgrounds including educators, leaders and eminent nurses

Maj. Gen. Smita Devrani
Dr. Asha Sharma
Mrs. Anuja Danial
Dr. Valli
Jyoti Walia
Mrs. K.S. Bharti

Nursemidwife4change campaign was started in 2021 with a aim to educate the media and the public on nursing and midwifery.


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