Demission of nurses may pose a new menace in Kolkata

Healthcare Workers - Nursing News india
Healthcare Workers

Convulsive news came from Kolkata, where the workers have resigned from private hospitals. This came up as a halt on a scheme to expand number of beds for patients of Covid-19. This became unsettling for private hospitals as they are ahead of festivals.

Several hospitals have confirmed the news and have also started recruiting new staff. Pradip Tandon, the CEO of Belle Vue located in Elgin, Kolkata, stated that nearly 20 nurses have resigned in the past two days. He also said that the hospital has recruited 45 nurses who are going through training for almost 12 hours a day.

Healthcare Workers - Nursing News india

Similar incidents were seen in Peerless Hospital and AMRI Hospital where 40 have left the hospital in the previous week. According to the reports, the total took up to almost 100 nurses in the city. Health experts said that this may pose a serious threat ahead of the festive season.

The reason for the exodus was recruitment by the government hospital. This is not a new occurrence as previously also nurses have resigned to work in public sector hospitals. Recently the state health department has started recruiting more than 550 nurses for the government hospitals. Proper facilities, benefits, better pay, and job security in private hospitals as in the public sector may act as a solution to the problem.

Private hospitals have undertaken to aggrandize the covid beds to half a grand by the festivals. This now may become hard to get after the exodus of workers in private hospitals. The need to ramp up the number of beds was to cope with the spike in covid cases in upcoming months as estimated by the health department.

Rupak Barua, the group of CEO of AMRI Hospital, said that they are recruiting from anywhere possible. Recently the hospital has recruited nurses from colleges of Tripura, Orissa, and Jharkhand.

Officials have said that to increase the efficiency, number of beds, cope with the covid cases, recruitment is indispensable.


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