Retired Armed Forces Medics to Lend a Helping Hand Amidst COVID Second Wave Surge

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The current pandemic scenario has altered people’s perception of how 2021 was supposed to be. With everyone’s plans being postponed indefinitely, the tumultuous condition of India, as well as the world at large, has been taking everyone by shock. The Indian government has been trying to make ends meet hastily as the number of cases skyrocket and oxygen cylinders fall short with each passing day. On 26 April 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defence Staff to discuss ways in which the Indian Armed Forces can lend a helping hand during the current crisis. With increasing demands of the number of hospital beds and oxygen cylinders, the Indian government has sought out advice and help from several parties including its Armed forces. 

General Bipin Rawat informed PM Modi, “The CDS briefed the PM that all medical personnel from armed forces who have retired or taken pre-mature retirement in the last 2 years are being recalled to work in Covid facilities within proximity of their present place of residence. Other medical officers who retired earlier have also been requested to make their services available for consultation through medical emergency helplines.” According to Rawat, former military medical officers will be made readily available to provide a free consultation via medical emergency helplines that are gradually being set up all across India. 

Here’s an updated list of all the categories of officers who will be deployed to hospitals to facilitate treatment and diagnosis amidst an acute shortage of medical staff: 

  • Medical officers presently on staff appointments at Command Headquarters
  • Corps headquarter officers
  • Medical staff of the Division headquarters 
  • Miscellaneous headquarters within the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force

Additionally, nursing personnel is being dispatched to further facilitate recovery. The PIB release came as a huge relief to the country which has been struggling with the ravages of the virus for a long time, now. Addressing the rampant oxygen crisis in India, General Bipin Rawat promised that numerous oxygen cylinders in armed force establishments will be made readily available to the hospitals. There are additional plans to build medical facilities in huge numbers to provide support and military medical care-level treatment to ailing citizens. 

Acknowledging the efforts of the Indian Air Force in transporting oxygen cylinders and several other essentials to and from various locations, both nationally and internationally, Prime Minister Modi asked Kendriya and Rajya Sainik Welfare Boards along with several officers posted in various headquarters to appropriately coordinate the helpful services offered by army veterans in remote areas.

Our nation is currently under the threat of a more infectious second wave of the COVID-19 virus. With more than 300,000 coronavirus cases being recorded for the fifth day in a row, the Indian government is taking proactive action to ensure no stone is left unturned.


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