PM Modi talks with doctors and nurses in his latest ‘Mann Ki Baat’ as the country face the worst storm of SARS-Cov2

In the seventy-sixth release of ‘Mann ki Baat’, PM Narendra Modi requested the citizens to judge and find out the truth behind the rumors about the inoculation and vaccine that is being spread across the country and promptly said that free vaccination is still provided to individuals above forty-five years of age and the health system will continue on the said statement. 

At a time when the country is breaking down being unable to tackle the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, PM Modi notified the citizens that the Centre has been attacked by false allegations from the neighboring states ruled by the opposition that they have forced to buy the vaccine at a higher cost than at what they are available to the Centre. He told that this is a completely false allegation and that the free vaccination program is still valid and implemented.

Modi addressed the citizens saying, “I urge people not to fall prey to any rumor about vaccines. You all know that people above 45 years of age get a free vaccine. Now from May 1 onwards, the vaccine is going to be made available for every person above 18 years. The program of free vaccines by the government of India that is going on now will continue. I appeal to the States too to extend the benefit of this free vaccine campaign of the government of India to the maximum number of the people”.

Modi acknowledged that the second wave of SARS-Cov2 has been ‘testing our limits’ at a level of persisting distress. He conceded on the untimed passing away of many of our loved ones. It is truly the worst situation for India. After successfully coping with the first wave, the country has fallen behind shackles and was not prepared at all to face this deadly form of the second wave.

PM then took the benefit of the address to speak to 2 doctors, 2 nurses, and an ambulance driver. He asked about the difference between the first and the second wave and how it has affected India from a medical personnel and doctor, Dr. Shashank Joshi, Mumbai. Dr. Joshi told with a sigh that the second wave has spread at a faster rate than the first one and that now even young children and the youth are also getting infected by the mutated strain of the virus.

PM also asked Dr. Joshi about the unprecedented demand for the drug ‘Remdesivir’ in the market and its cause. The doctor replied saying, “There is no need to run after Remdesivir. It has a limited role and should be taken strictly as per the doctor’s advice”. He further suggested people to regularly do ‘pranayam’ (breathing) exercises.

Modi further talked with another doctor Dr. Naveed Nazeer Shah from Srinagar about the hesitancy in citizens about getting inoculated and applauded him for his hard work in treating patients during the month of Ramadan. PM spoke to nurses from BR Ambedkar Medical College Raipur and KC Jindal Hospital in Bengaluru and finally with an ambulance driver, Prem Verma, and applauded their hard work in the needful times.

Finally, the Prime Minister concluded by saying, “I urge you to seek information only through authentic sources. You may consult your family doctors. Many doctors are sharing information through social media, consulting through phone, and WhatsApp. There are several hospitals who have put information on their website”.


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