CHOs Returned Back to Work After Agitation in Ranchi

crop man putting medical mask on face of ethnic child
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Earlier during the week, it was reported that community health officers who are placed over and above the staff nurses started an agitation against the management in Ranchi. Around 50 CHOs went off their duties from different blocks of Ranchi district. 

The reason cited by the protestants was to receive the outstanding incentives. According to the reports, they went off without informing anyone which caused troubles in the management of Covid-19 patients. Although after the assurance by Chhavi Ranjan, Deputy Commissioner, a portion of CHOs returned back to their jobs.

As the manpower was insufficient to manage the increasing cases of coronavirus, CHOs were deployed to allotted duties. They were asked to cater to the needs of three floors of the Covid-19 wing. Although only two to four of them reported to their jobs on Sunday.

According to the claims of CHOs, they have not been paid incentives for the last three months. They are provided with a monthly incentive over and above their monthly salary. This incentive is given as a special allowance for providing services during the pandemic.

The situation will come back to normal on Monday, as many will join from that day. Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences has started training for the handling of oxygen cylinders. Currently, 100 constables of the India Reserve Battalion are being trained. They will be handling the oxygen needs of Covid-19 patients till they are admitted. IRD Jawans will also be deployed to administer the oxygen supply to incoming patients.

As there was a lack of manpower, the jawans were needed to be employed. This will help in saving the lives of people. There are around 240 beds and the hospital is determined to increase the number by 100 by the end of the next week.


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