Negligence or Money: A Mass Hysterectomy Done By A Doctor in US Without Consent!

Doctor with pregnant woman during a medical consultation

A tattletale put forward a complaint sparked calls for a thorough inquiry after it was claimed that Indian-native gynecologist,  Dr. Mahendra Amin conducted mass hysterectomy on immigrants lacking their in-depth consent or understanding at Georgia State Private Detention Centre.  

Dr. Amin’s lawyer Mr. Scott Grubman denies all the allegations on the doctor with all due respect and also claimed that he was anticipating further facts to be revealed so that his client was proven innocent.

Doctor with pregnant woman during a medical consultation

Dr. Amin is 68 and has specialized in gynecology and obstetrics.  He graduated from the University of South Gujarat situated in Surat, India, and he also was an intern in a hospital there, according to our sources.

This Wednesday, approximately 173 Democratic Representatives of the House of Representatives in USA wrote down and appealed to the US Department of Homeland Security to look into the tattler’s complaint.

A registered nurse Dawn Wooten who was employed by the Irwin County Detention Center (ICDC) which is functioning under a private prison company named LaSalle Corrections, had supported the tattler’s protest through Project South, a charitable organization to the Department of Internal Security’s Inspector General. Wooten too protested saying about the conduct of mass hysterectomies in the middle of this pandemic not respecting  Covid-19 guidelines and under poor sanitized condition.

Project South claimed that it acquired this information about hysterectomies from various interactions with the inmates out of which one of them confirmed that some women who received this procedure were perplexed as to why they were going through it.

Wooten’s story, in his own words, is spine-chilling that each and every patient of his has a hysterectomy. He even took out a young woman’s wrong ovary,” said Wooten, recollecting a specific case where the victim had both her ovaries because the doctor took out the good ovary instead of the one with the cyst. The victim went home and explained to her husband that she wanted to have children but could not because she heard the doctor discuss with the nurse that he accidentally took out the wrong ovary.

These so-called complaints charge up protests against these topics and make the people about such things happen to people in the USA to stop overpopulation.

Patient advocacy by Nurses is very strong in USA and many nurses play a role of a Attorney to integrate the law in the practice and patient side advocacy both.


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