Mumbai’s tiger-hearted Mayor!

Kishori Pednekar Story
Kishori Pednekar (Mayor of Mumbai)

From a diligent nurse to a tiger-hearted mayor, she attained through every difficulty in life. Mrs. Kishori Pednekar, Mumbai 77th Mayor with a lively and passionate attitude to serve the city was elected without any opposition with the assistance of Shiv Sena which she followed since she was a teenager. 

Mrs. Kishori Pedneker Mayor of Mumbai was born in a mill-workers family at Worli. Her family was an entrenched Congress-follower. According to her, her father was puritanical and only followed Congress but when she entered her teenage years, her ears were pricked by Shiv Sena’s respected leader Mr. Balasaheb Thakery from her cousins. After she was spliced she attended rallies and united with Shiv sena as a Sainik. 

Kishori Pednekar Story
Kishori Pednekar (Mayor of Mumbai)

Later, she moved to Lower Parel with her better half but a problem awaited for them. They were not financially strong and thus she decided to take up a full time job of a nurse as a head of her area which was allotted to her by the Sena. She worked regardless of day or  night to support her family.

Going down through the memory lane from the days of her struggle she exclaimed that she had done a nursing course and when JNPT hospital offered her a job she readily took it up in desperate need of money to support her family. She had to take care of her patients as well as her husband’s grandmother which used to exhaust her but adding to her workload she also had to take care of her children. Although her husband used to help she still had enough workload to weigh her down, but she still made sure that she had time for her interest in politics and social service. 

In her opinion, she believes that her success was solely possible due to her husband who used to help her and take care of the house in her absence. She credits him for supporting her. 

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In 2017, another problem was at her doorstep. She lost her house in a legal case and the local sena members helped her and avoided the situation of her becoming homeless. 

As she was elected as the Mayor in November 2019, she moved to the Byculla zoo bungalow. She took all the necessary responsibilities and walked in the path full of spikes with her fiery attitude and the willingness to make others the priority. 

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and enveloped it with fear, she came out dressed like a nurse again and helped encourage the frontline rangers in this pandemic. She served many patients without having anxiety of infecting herself. She took a huge step and served this city selflessly. Due to this a few days ago she tested positive for Covid-19, but she cured as soon as possible and is now back to serving this city again.

Kishori Pednekar not only inspires the medical staff but also teenagers and students to go behind their passion and to become what they want to be in life. Her passionate aura always makes the people around her work just like her and motivates them that age is just a number. Even at the age of  56, she actively takes up leadership and works actively. She is a true inspiration. A true Mayor that has the courage to make the wrongs right.


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