Modi Shares Vision for Women’s Empowerment and Women-Led Development in Speech

Narendra Modi photo with text on it women empowerment
Narendra Modi photo with text on it women empowerment

The expansion inauguration of the Foundation of Global Institute of Health Sciences. in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, marked a significant occasion for Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to address the gathering and shed light on various initiatives aimed at transforming the healthcare and education sectors in India.

This article explores the key highlights of his speech, highlighting the role of Brahmakumari Sansthan, the expansion of medical and nursing colleges, the contributions of spiritual institutions, and the emphasis on women-led development.

Empowering Communities through Jan Aushadhi Kendras

Brahmakumari Sansthan’s role in raising awareness about Jan Aushadhi Kendras, which provide affordable medicines, was acknowledged by Prime Minister Modi. He urged Brahmakumaris to continue spreading awareness about these centers, enabling everyone to access quality medication at reasonable prices. The availability of such affordable medicines is especially beneficial for the elderly population.

Addressing the Healthcare Workforce Shortage

A persistent challenge in the healthcare sector has been the shortage of doctors, nurses, and medical personnel. Prime Minister Modi highlighted the government’s efforts in establishing new medical colleges to bridge this gap. In the last nine years, over 300 medical colleges have been established in India, resulting in a substantial increase in MBBS seats and postgraduate opportunities.

This dedication to the expansion of medical education aims to generate a number of doctors in a decade that equals the number produced in seven decades following independence.

Creating Opportunities in Nursing Education

  • Prime Minister Modi emphasized the government’s commitment to providing new opportunities in the nursing sector.
  • Over 150 new nursing colleges have been approved, indicating a significant expansion of nursing education in the country.
  • The Prime Minister highlighted the ongoing expansion work at Brahma Kumari College and the planned establishment of more than 20 nursing colleges in Rajasthan.
  • These efforts aim to address the shortage of skilled nurses and enhance healthcare services in hospitals.
  • The government recognizes the critical role that nursing plays in patient care and is dedicated to supporting and promoting the nursing profession.

Contributions of Spiritual Institutions in Service

India’s spiritual and religious institutions have played a significant role in various aspects of society, including education and serving the underprivileged.

Prime Minister Modi commended the efforts of Brahma Kumaris in their service-oriented initiatives and their dedication to maintaining a drug-free environment during the Bhuj earthquake. Their commitment to social welfare and holistic well-being exemplifies the values embedded in India’s spiritual and religious traditions.

Preserving Culture and Tradition for Sustainable Development

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of preserving India’s rich culture and traditions while driving initiatives for sustainable development. He cited the global movement initiated by Shri Anna, focused on millets, natural farming, and environmental conservation.

These efforts, rooted in India’s cultural heritage, aim to restore the health of rivers and promote water harvesting. The Prime Minister urged collaboration and cooperation to further these endeavors, highlighting the extensive service they can provide to the nation.

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah: A Vision for a Developed India for The World

The mantra of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, signifying well-being for all, encapsulates Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a developed India. He expressed his hope that Brahmakumaris would contribute innovatively to the nation-building process, fostering cooperation and creating a prosperous India. T

he Prime Minister emphasized the government’s commitment to women-led development, empowering women to lead in various spheres, including education, healthcare, and overall national progress.

Prime Minister Modi’s address during the inauguration of the Foundation of Global Institute of Health Sciences. shed light on crucial aspects of healthcare, education, and women-led development in India. Through the efforts of Brahmakumari Sansthan, the expansion of medical colleges, and the recognition of the contributions made by spiritual institutions, India is making significant strides towards a brighter future.

The government’s commitment to empowering communities through initiatives like Jan Aushadhi Kendras and the establishment of nursing colleges demonstrates its dedication to ensuring accessible healthcare and education for all.

Furthermore, the emphasis on preserving culture and tradition while pursuing sustainable development aligns with India’s deep-rooted values. The movements spearheaded by individuals like Shri Anna, which focus on millets, natural farming, and environmental conservation, serve as a testament to India’s commitment to creating a healthier and more harmonious society.

Prime Minister Modi’s call for cooperation and collaboration in these endeavors is crucial for their success. By working together, India can harness the full potential of its cultural heritage and traditions, leading to extensive service and development in the nation.


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