INC Announces Revised Seat Allocation for B.Sc. Nursing Programs

Get insights into INC's decisions on B.Sc. Nursing seats and stay informed on nursing education developments.

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In a recent development, the Indian Nursing Council (INC) has issued a notice regarding the revision of sanctioned seats for B.Sc. Nursing programs across various institutes. This decision follows the recommendations put forth by an Expert Committee Meeting held on 23.06.2023 under the Chintan Shivir-Heal by India initiative.

The directive, received through the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare via letter No. Z-28020/109/2021-AHS/FTS-8162855 dated 15/07/2023, amends the “Maximum Number of sanctioned seats under INC for B.Sc. (N) vide Gazette Notification No. 275 dated 05/07/2021 Regulation No. 9 on page 219” as outlined below:

  1. For institutes with a 200-bedded single Parent hospital: The maximum number of seats allocated is now 140, with 60 seats designated for General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) and 80 seats for B.Sc. Nursing. Alternatively, institutes may exclusively offer B.Sc. Nursing programs with a maximum of 140 seats.
  2. For institutes with a 300-bedded single Parent hospital: The revised seat allocation stands at 200, with 100 seats each for GNM and B.Sc. Nursing. Similarly, institutes may opt for solely offering B.Sc. Nursing programs with a maximum of 200 seats.
  3. For institutes with a single Parent hospital of 500 beds or more: The maximum number of seats available is capped at 250, with 100 seats for GNM and 150 seats for B.Sc. Nursing. Alternatively, institutes may exclusively offer B.Sc. Nursing programs with a maximum of 250 seats.

It’s crucial to note that all revisions are contingent upon the availability of a 1:10 teacher-student ratio, adequate physical facilities including laboratories, and the necessity of additional hospital affiliations to ensure a 1:3 student-patient ratio.

This move by the Indian Nursing Council aims to streamline nursing education standards and ensure the provision of high-quality training opportunities for aspiring nurses across the nation. The announcement is anticipated to have a positive impact on the healthcare sector by nurturing a skilled and competent nursing workforce.


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