Madhya Pradesh Nursing Council Disqualifies Teachers for Failing to Complete Live Registration, FIR Lodged Against College Management for Irregularities

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The Madhya Pradesh Nursing Council has disqualified 2,697 nursing teachers from outside the state, which accounts for approximately 20% of the total faculty, from teaching due to their failure to complete the live registration process with the state nursing body.

In response to the disqualification of these faculties, the MP Nursing Council has lodged an FIR against the management of two nursing colleges. Moreover, a teacher has been booked for committing fraud and using false documents for registration.

Meanwhile, the Gwalior and Jabalpur benches of the Madhya Pradesh High Court are currently hearing a total of 36 petitions that pertain to irregularities in nursing colleges. This development has caused concern among students and parents, who are now questioning the quality of education being provided in these institutions.

The authorities have assured that appropriate actions will be taken against those found guilty of any misconduct, and efforts will be made to improve the overall quality of nursing education in the state.

The Indian Nursing Council (INC) has taken a significant step towards improving the nursing profession in India by creating a centralized database of nurses. Currently, there are approximately 4 million nurses in India, out of which 1 million have registered in the INC database. This database includes details such as the nurse’s name, address, qualifications, and work experience.

By maintaining this database, the INC aims to keep track of the nursing workforce in India and ensure that only qualified and registered nurses are employed in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the database will help in planning for the future nursing needs of the country and enable better policymaking. The INC is actively encouraging all nurses to register in the database to help in creating a more robust and standardized nursing profession in India.

The Nursing Registration and Tracking System (NRTS) is an online platform that allows for the registration and tracking of all ANM, GNM, BSC, and MSC nurses in India. Nurses can complete their registration through the NRTS website or via an authorized agency or the State Nursing Council.

It is mandatory for all nurses to register in the system, and the process requires a valid Aadhar card. The NRTS system enables nurses to track their registrations and licenses, and employers can also verify the credentials of nurses before hiring them. This system ensures that the nursing profession in India is standardized and regulated, and it helps to maintain a high level of quality and professionalism within the nursing community.


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