High Court Lifts Ban on Nursing Admissions in Jharkhand, Revises Government’s Notification

High Court Lifts Ban on Nursing Admissions in Jharkhand, Ensures Equal Opportunities for Aspiring Candidates

Delhi HC Defers Plea Seeking Justice for Nursing Staff

In a significant turn of events, the High Court has lifted the ban on admission to ANM, GNM, and BSc Nursing courses in Jharkhand. The court’s decision came after the Jharkhand government filed an affidavit, proposing changes to the earlier advertisement.

Justice R Mukhopadhyay’s court removed the stay on the advertisement, which had previously restricted applications to only Jharkhand residents. In response to the court’s intervention, the government amended the advertisement to include ‘Citizens of India can apply’, eliminating the requirement of being a resident of Jharkhand.

As per the court’s directive, a revised advertisement will be released to invite applications from nursing aspirants all across the country. The Health Department has been directed to promptly complete the nomination process through an examination, ensuring a fair and inclusive opportunity for all eligible candidates.

The initial advertisement, issued by the Jharkhand State Joint Entrance Examination Board, had raised concerns about discrimination and constitutional validity. Kulchandra Kumar Singh and others moved the High Court, arguing that reserving all positions for local residents goes against the principles of equality enshrined in the Constitution.

The High Court’s decision to lift the ban and revise the advertisement marks a significant step towards creating a level playing field for aspiring nursing candidates. It paves the way for a more diverse and skilled healthcare workforce, fostering inclusivity and transparency in the admission process.

With the ban lifted, nursing aspirants from across the nation can now pursue their dreams without any geographical restrictions. The government’s responsiveness to the court’s direction in making the necessary amendments demonstrates a positive approach towards promoting equal opportunities in the healthcare education sector.

As the revised advertisement is expected to be released soon, nursing aspirants can prepare to seize this newfound chance to embark on a promising and fulfilling career in the nursing field.


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