Dozee- A Make in India innovative vital monitoring system which can reduce the nursing workload

Dozee Nursing News India

Innovation is greatly afoot in the mainstream medical care, tracking and wellness space. Dozee is one such innovation which has been unveiled as a pioneering solution that safely monitors vitals. A major problem in the current scenario that is faced by the country is the amount of time that nurses and doctors are spending in direct contact with their patients for routine tracking of vitals. This practice is deemed unsafe in the present scenario since they are vulnerable towards contracting COVID-19 from patients likewise. Hospitals and households require smarter vital monitoring solutions which can check, track and report without the need for human intervention. The most important aspect is that these tracking devices are required to be fully contactless if possible, particularly amidst the ravages of COVID-19. 

However, Dozee has evolved into a pioneering solution as the first contactless tracking device in India. It holds immense potential for changing the face of preventive healthcare monitoring in the near future. 

Dozee Nursing News India

More about Dozee 

Dozee is a fully contactless remote health monitoring company which is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and it is based in Bangalore. Founded by Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani, Dozee helps in converting beds in hospitals to step-down ICUs for continuous and efficient monitoring of the vitals of patients. The device itself comes with a sensor which captures all micro-vibrations generated by the body each time that the heart pumps out blood. This happens during exhalation, inhalation, tremors, body movements and muscle twitches. 

Hospitals can thus use this solution for continually tracking vitals of patients automatically during their stay in the institution through the installation of these devices under beds. Accuracy levels are the same as the equipment used by hospitals for conventional data gathering. 

Major benefits enabled by Dozee 

  • Lower infection risks from patients as far as nurses and doctors are concerned. 
  • Optimization of overall productivity and time for nurses who otherwise spend a sizable chunk of time in checking vitals of patients and also manually updating the same throughout each day. 
  • Lowers the requirement for an excessive number of devices for each bed, thereby scaling up overall efficiency with a really simple device. 
  • Early warning system for hospitals and homes. 
  • Timely alerts on the deterioration of health along with remote monitoring for parent care, chronic management of disorders and monitoring of critical patients. 
  • Parents’ vitals can be monitored seamlessly at home with deterioration levels being flagged and health trends being updated on a regular basis. This will ensure that they receive medication in a timely manner along with subsequent treatment for bypassing hospitalization and escalation of issues. 
  • Helps in managing chronic hypertension, cardiac disorders and respiratory disorders better. 
  • Helps in tracking lifestyle and health while flagging all prospective disorders swiftly and providing a 360 degree view of health conditions each day at the fingertips. 
  • Monitors stress-recovery, heart rate, quality of sleep, respiration rate, sleep apnea and oxygen saturation levels. 

How to use Dozee 

Dozee can be used in the most convenient and simplified manner. The steps to be followed include the following: 

  • Simply keep the device under the bed mattress. 
  • Link to the Wi-Fi network. 
  • Go to sleep thereafter. 

Dozee will then absorb all micro-vibrations that have been produced by the heart along with body movements and respiration while converting the same into biomarkers. 

Time-tested accuracy and life-saving potential 

Dozee has been deployed to the tune of 1200 units throughout the ongoing coronavirus pandemic across more than 20 quarantine centres in 8 Indian States. Dozee has already monitored in excess of 4,000 COVID-19 patients across institutions. It has enabled savings of 6,000 nursing hours and counting while having partnered with 30 hospitals already till date. This covers both private and government hospitals. More than 70 lives have already been saved with this continuous tracking system for vitals. 

Secure health profile sharing will help you remotely track the health of your loved ones. It will help in filling up all existing gaps between spot checks while tracking vitals against the baseline benchmark while also ensuring proper identification of any deviations. It will also help in enabling a superior understanding of the latest health trends while enabling swift detection of any possible deterioration in health and medical conditions, well in advance. Dozee was established with a vision for simplifying the healthcare system while making diagnostics, tracking and deterioration warnings readily available and accessible for the masses. Reactive healthcare approaches are mostly followed across the globe with people mostly seeking intervention or treatment whenever things start going wrong. However, intervention in advance has the power to save innumerable lives while enhancing the overall quality of life. 

With pioneering innovation, a bevy of smart features and a seamless usage mechanism, the Made in India Dozee promises to be a revolution in the Indian healthcare sector while being a godsend for doctors and nurses alike. It will help in preventive tracking of deterioration in health across hospitals and homes, providing a solution to children to monitor their elderly parents easily while hospitals can also track the health of patients smoothly. This lowers the time spent by doctors and nurses in daily monitoring of patients, thereby reducing the chances of contracting COVID-19 infections and saving valuable hours in this stressful scenario. The journey began with Mudit quitting his profession as an engineer of race cars although he drew inspiration from sensing technology used in these vehicles for his passion project Dozee. He partnered with Gaurav thereafter for developing Dozee and transforming it into the very first contactless health monitor in the country. After extensive research and development and partnerships with leading institutions of research including NIMHANS and the Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular and Research, Dozee ultimately proved itself 98..4% accurate as a fully medical grade device. It launched last year in the Indian market.


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