US Funding for WHO

Joe Biden

Not only the US but also the whole world can take a sigh of relief, as the presidential election results have been announced in the United States. After complete chaos, the results were delayed. Joe Biden has been elected as 46th President of the United States. This is great news as the question on funding for WHO is in safe hands. Joe promised that he will start their funding for the World Health Organisation as soon as he became the President.

Donald Trump announced in April that the US would stop subsidize WHO. He gave an ultimatum to WHO if it does not take proper steps within the 30 days.

Later in may he also said that the US will end their relationship with the WHO and other health organizations. According to him, the whole world is facing troubles due to Chinese government misbehavior. He blamed China and said the pandemic “actuated a worldwide pandemic”.

Joe Biden
Image Credit: Twitter(@JoeBiden)

Trump also stated that WHO is being pressurized by China. The Chinese government has control over WHO.

A senior US organization official revealed that they have started taking steps towards to draw its name legally. As the WHO has not taken any steps they are left with no choice.

The US is the biggest single patron. It gave 400m dollars in 2019. It constitute around 15% of expenditure plan.

According to agreements, US can withdraw their name from WHO only after giving a notice of a year. They would have to pay remarkable charges.

WHO will have certain challenges to achieve their upcoming goals. Withdrawal would also create problems in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Although various nations like Germany and the UK have different notions. They are not withdrawing their finances. They would be helping WHO in creating antibodies against Covid-19 as and when required.

Numerous citizens were worried by the authorities taking care of the pandemic and its financial aftermath. This can be one of the reasons cited for the loss of Donald Trump in the presidential election. The US the highest number of cases. Around 10.1 million cases have been reported. Almost 238 thousand have lost their lives in the mishap.

Joe Biden criticized Trump’s move for stopping its funding to WHO. He promised its people through a tweet that he will join hands with WHO as and when he is elected as President.

China also abhorred Mr. Trump’s move and said that it would hit more unfortunate nations hardest.

Zhao Lijian, Foreign Ministry spokesman said that this choice of the United States subverts global endeavors and will have grave ramifications – particularly for the agricultural and developing nations that critically need worldwide help.

He also said that they encourage the United States to satisfy its global duties and commitments and to show the duty of a major nation.


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