MoU between Union Cabinet and Israel will fetch more job opportunities for nurses

MoU between Union Cabinet and Israel

India is up for signing an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Israel in the area of Health and Medicine. The cooperation has been given a green-light by the Union Cabinet which is chaired by the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  After a series of agreements signed between the two nations on various subjects this year, such as Israel’s Start-Up Nation Central’s agreement with India’s iCreate, this collaboration has strengthened the relations of the two countries after India’s agreement with Israel in the field of cybersecurity.

The statement issued on 4th October stated that the agreement covers several keynotes including swapping of medical practitioners and health professionals of both the countries. This will also include their upskilling as well as training. It includes bringing into being new healthcare facilities and succouring in the development of human resources. This provides the job opportunities to the nurses not only in India but in Israel also.

MoU between Union Cabinet and Israel

The MoU allows for exchanging of intelligence with respect to the regulation of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. It also extends to sharing of skills in the field of assessing climate risks as a factor affecting the health of the citizens. It aims to provide aid for the development of ‘Green Healthcare’. Green Healthcare includes practices that open the door to a sustainable future in the field of medicine and nursing. A number of climate-resilient hospitals will be set up under the same in collaboration with Israel. These ‘Green practices’ would make our nurses more efficient and as we know that only the fittest survives, this will make their survival easier.

The official statement issued by the Union cabinet stated that it aims to foster research in various fields related to the same. There are other areas of cooperation which can be decided mutually by both the countries. It was also agreed by both the parties that any symposia, seminar, or conference organised to address the issues of the agreement shall be entertained by the other party’s representatives. The participation in the same will be endorsed by both Israel and India.


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