Transforming Cardiovascular Care in India: Lupin Digital Health and ACC Join Forces

First-of-its-kind partnership aims to combat India's cardiovascular burden and empower patients with comprehensive heart care at home.

Healthcare and technology
Healthcare and technology

Lupin Digital Health, India’s pioneering evidence-based cardiology digital therapeutics (DTx) platform, has joined hands with the esteemed American College of Cardiology (ACC) in an unprecedented collaboration aimed at transforming in-home cardiovascular care in India. The partnership seeks to accelerate the application and adoption of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in Cardiology, addressing the pressing challenge of cardiovascular disease in the country. With India projected to have the highest number of cardiac deaths globally by 2030, this collaboration signifies a significant leap towards preventive and comprehensive cardiac care in the country.

The Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in India

India is facing an alarming burden of cardiovascular disease, predicted to become the global leader in cardiac deaths by 2030. The Indian Heart Association reports that heart diseases affect Indians at a younger age, often without warning, with studies revealing that heart ailments strike Indians at least a decade earlier than their Western counterparts. This underscores the urgent need for proactive, preventive, and comprehensive care solutions.

Lupin Digital Health’s DTx Platform, Lyfe

Lupin Digital Health’s DTx platform, Lyfe, stands at the forefront of India’s effort to combat cardiovascular disease. Lyfe aims to equip patients and healthcare providers with essential tools to manage heart conditions from the comfort of patients’ homes, aiding in post-hospital discharge care and reducing the need for rehospitalization. By offering patients the convenience of monitoring and rehabilitation at home, Lyfe empowers patients to take control of their cardiovascular health.

The Landmark Collaboration

The collaboration between Lupin Digital Health and the American College of Cardiology is a historic milestone in India’s cardiac care landscape. As the first Digital Therapeutics player in India to partner exclusively with ACC, Lupin Digital Health gains access to ACC’s CardioSmart platform, guidelines, and workbooks. These valuable resources will be made available to doctors, patients, and caregivers through Lupin Digital Health’s Lyfe app and website,

Speaking on the collaboration, ACC Chief Innovation Officer, Ami B. Bhatt, MD, FACC, emphasized their commitment to advancing equitable cardiovascular care globally and the transformative potential of innovative partnerships for Indian patients.

Revolutionizing Cardiac Care in India

Rajeev Sibal, President – India Region Formulations, Lupin Limited, highlights the vast potential for leveraging Digital Therapeutics in India, given the country’s abundant talent pool and widespread adoption of smartphone-based technology. The collaboration aims to revolutionize the management of heart disease in India by enabling healthcare professionals and caregivers to deliver effective care outside of hospital settings.

Sidharth Srinivasan, CEO of Lupin Digital Health, stresses the patient-centric approach of the collaboration, recognizing the urgency to address the mounting burden of cardiovascular disease in India, affecting even the younger generation. The partnership empowers patients with the convenience of monitoring and rehabilitation from home, while receiving comprehensive care from their treating cardiologists.

Promoting Advanced Digital Solutions in Cardiology

To foster the adoption of advanced digital solutions in Cardiology, ACC will provide certificates to cardiologists, acknowledging their dedication to innovation and patient-centric healthcare. This initiative plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal care and driving improved outcomes within the comfort of patients’ homes.

The collaboration between Lupin Digital Health and the American College of Cardiology marks a groundbreaking step forward in reshaping cardiac care in India. By leveraging digital therapeutics and cutting-edge technologies, the partnership aims to transform in-home cardiovascular care, providing patients with comprehensive care and reducing the burden of heart disease in the country. With the joint vision of advancing equitable cardiac care, this collaboration promises a brighter and healthier future for patients and caregivers in India.


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