Kerala Government Reserves Nursing Seats for Transgender Community

In a historic move, Kerala allocates seats for transgender students in nursing courses, promoting equality and uplifting the marginalized community.

Transgender women

The Kerala State Government has taken a significant step towards empowering the transgender community by reserving seats for them in the nursing sector. This pioneering initiative has garnered widespread praise on social media and is being hailed as a historic move in promoting inclusivity and equality. Kerala’s Health Minister, Veena George, recently announced the allocation of one seat each for transgender students in the B.Sc nursing and general nursing courses, marking a first-of-its-kind effort not just in the state but possibly in all of India.

The Kerala Government’s commitment to empowering the transgender community is evident through this latest step, as highlighted by Health Minister Veena George in a Facebook post. It is a continuation of the government’s ongoing efforts to involve and support the community in various sectors, particularly in the state’s health sector.

The reserved seats for transgender students will be available at two prominent institutions. The Government College of Nursing in Thiruvananthapuram will accommodate one seat in the B.Sc nursing course, while another will be allocated in the general nursing course at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Centre for Science and Technology.

This progressive move builds upon a landmark order issued by the state government in 2018, which reserved two additional seats for transpersons in all universities and affiliated arts and science colleges. Daya and her friends played a pivotal role in advocating for this reservation, creating more opportunities for the transgender community in higher education.

Kerala’s latest initiative sets an inspiring example for other states and the nation as a whole. By providing equal opportunities in education and employment, the government sends a powerful message of support and recognition to the transgender community, fostering a more inclusive and diverse society. This step is a testament to Kerala’s commitment to social progress and ensures that the voices and aspirations of the transgender community are heard and valued in the state’s healthcare sector.


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