Rs. 1.09 Crores Fraud by Fake Jobs in Nursing and Other Sectors

Fraud by Fake Jobs in Nursing and Other Sectors

Cyber crime is not taking the name of stopover. And a similar incident was reported in New Delhi. Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell on Thursday arrested 5 suspects who were involved in cyber crimes. They were accused of defrauding people for almost Rs. 1.9 crores. The total number of victims was around 27,000 who fell in the trap in the Union Health Ministry’s name.

During interrogation, it was found that these fraudsters collected people’s data who were trying to find jobs. Later they conduct online recruitment examination for the government and private agencies for the targeted job seekers.

Fraud by Fake Jobs in Nursing and Other Sectors

The pack supposedly sent 1.5 million SMS with connections to two misrepresentation sites to enlist for 13,000 openings in a month. It included jobs for bookkeepers, information section administrators, nursing maternity specialists, and rescue vehicle drivers.

According to the Police’s statement, these sites were planned firmly to such an extent that some news and occupation data entryways accepted that these openings were genuine. Anish Roy who is the current Deputy Commissioner of Police said that the department has started alerting people about these fake job vacancies.

He also informed about the websites which were used in fraud. They are and Currently, both websites are dysfunctional. Swastha Avan Jan Kalyan Sansthan (sajks) was mentioned on the sites.

The wrongdoing became exposed a month ago when a candidate chose to move toward the Delhi Police with a protest that he didn’t react in the wake of paying Rs 500 as the enlistment charge. Roy said that since the enrollment charge was distinctly between Rs 100 and Rs 500, the fraudsters accepted that the casualties and would not move toward the police to file complaints.

The police enlisted a case and started gathering computerized impressions of the suspects and their money trails.

Before long, the police came to realize that the cash being saved in this record by work candidates was being removed from ATMs consistently. On Tuesday, the police were on a stakeout at one such ATM in Hisar and discovered a presume in the act while he was encashing from the ATM. The police caught him red-handed.

According to reports it was established that the function of the 27-year-old suspect named Amandeep Khetri was uniquely to pull out cash day by day and convey it to the gangsters.

Other gangsters were also busted in Khetkedi. They were the group of four which also included website developers namely:

  • Surender Singh
  • Ramdhari
  • Sandeep Singh
  • Joginder Singh

Another case was also registered by Delhi Police when an operator at Delhi International Airport filed a complaint about the fake website involving vacancies at the airport. According to the complaint, the applicants were asked to pay Rs.1000 for registration, and the website displayed 2201 vacancies.

These type of cases now have made their way into medicine also. They attract people by posting job vacancies in the field of pharmacy, nursing, and others. So be alert!


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