Nursing and midwifery advisory council newly proposed in the NNMC bill

The National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill, 2020 (NNMC) is set to replace the Indian Nursing Council, Act 1947. It is one of the Centre’s initiatives to fill the gap of setting up and directing assistance norms for nursing and midwifery staff. The NNMC Bill 2020 accommodates the constitution of administrative bodies at the public and state levels. According to the bill, the Central government will form an advisory council for the commission. This advisory council is to be known as the Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Council.

The States and Union Territories will advance their perspectives and worries before the Commission. This council will provide a stage to put forth their reviews. Nursing education, services, training, and research will get benefitted through the regular suggestions and ideas in molding the general plan, strategy, and activities related to nursing.

The Council will encourage the Commission on measures to decide and keep up the minimum standards related to the concerned field.

The council will also guide the Commission to follow the right path towards the development of the nursing field. It will make sure to enhance equitable access to nursing activities.

It is mandatory to hold a meeting for the Council at least one time in a whole year. The decision power regarding the time and venue for the meeting rests in the hands of the Chairperson of the council.

Either the representative nominated by the Chairperson or the Chairperson himself is required to attend the meeting. As we are living in a democratic country, all the matters and decisions will be taken by a majority of members present through voting. Two third of the individuals from the Council including the Chairperson will shape the majority unless the regulations provide another method.

Section 35 defines the composition of the council, which is as follows:-

  • Chairperson of the Commission will also be the Chairperson of the Council.
  • Every person who is part of Commission will also be included as members in the Council.
  • The Chairman of UGC
  • The Director of NAAC
  • State Government for the states will nominate one member for each state. And in case of Union Territory, Ministry of Home Affairs will be responsible for nomination.
  • State Commission will nominate one person as member for each states.

The last two members mentioned above will hold the office for not more than four years according to provisions of the Act.


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