Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $120 Million as Damages in Baby Powder Case

Earlier a woman from Brooklyn sued Johnson and Johnson Company on grounds that she got cancer on asbestos exposure due to the use of baby powder produced by the J&J Company. On 21st December, a verdict was announced against the company and was ordered to reimburse the couple from Brooklyn. The compensation amounts to $120 million.

In May 2019 after the 14-week trial, the jury granted Donna Olson and Robert Olson the damages and ordered the company to pay $325 million to them. Now after the decision by the supreme court judge in Manhattan, Justice Gerald Lebovits, the amount has been reduced to $120 million.

On November 11, Lebovits composed that damages were excessively high. He later declared that the Olsons could either acknowledge $120 million or have another preliminary on damages suffered.

The compensatory damages were brought down from $25 million to $15 million. The original punitive damages were $300 million. But it has now be reduced to $105 million. This brought down the amount for damages that were approved by the judge on Wednesday.

Johnson and Johnson said it will bid the decision, referring to “critical lawful and evidentiary blunders” at the preliminary.

The organization claimed that their powder is protected and asbestos-free. There is no hardcore evidence that shows the powder causes cancer. It’s mostly vague. The company also said that profoundly feel for the persons who are suffering from cancer, that is why the facts are so important.

Olsons were quite happy with the outcome. Jerome Block who is the legal representative for the Olsons claimed that the verdict would stand as it is. According to sources Donna Olson’s mesothelioma is at a serious stage. Their lawyer also said that they are hoping for the best and seeking the best possible medical health care.

According to the testimony of Donna Olson, she affirmed that she utilized Johnson’s Baby Powder for more than 50 years. She claimed that the reason she is suffering from cancer is only due to the use of that baby powder.

Johnson and Johnson have confronted extreme examination of its child powder’s wellbeing following a 2018 Reuters analytical report that discovered it knew for quite a long time about asbestos in its powder.

J&J’s raw powder and finished product showed positive results for the presence of asbestos from the 1970s to early 2000. It was proven in the company’s internal reports, trial testimony, and other evidence.


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