No leaves for health departments in Haryana


As there is a COVID spike in India, the Haryana state of government decided to cancel the leaves of all medical professionals working at Rohtak PGIMS and other medical colleges in Haryana. As there is a sudden increase of covid cases in India, an official notice had been passed on Wednesday by the Director of Medical Education and Research to the Registrar. At Nalhar, Khanpur Kalan, Karnal the directors of state and director of Rohtak PGIMS to run medical colleges without any leave for the healthcare professionals till there is any notice received further.

By the notice issued the director of Rohtak PGIMS and the principal of PGIDS have made a decision not to grant leave for the medical health department and residents on any kind of issues and this might continue until further notice.

Staff who are currently in the leave period are to be informed that to cancel and join the duties as soon as possible. As there is a hike in COVID cases, the PGIMS trauma center is converted to be a hospital for COVID patients. The executives and experts are in the thought of having a night curfew and other rules to prevent the rise of cases, where people are continuing to visit crowded places and violating rules.

Everyone should understand the situation out there and Every individual must follow the rules and has to stay home as much as people, sanitize, and maintain social distance even if they are vaccinated says Dr. M.C.Gupta, Senior Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology at Rohtak PGIMS.

Also, thereby suggested to avoid crowded places and to follow the guideless of the covid pandemic and informed to take strict action against people who are violating covid rules said by Rohtak Deputy Commissioner Capt Manoj Kumar.

The Deputy Commissioner also advised them to get themselves vaccinated and do not believe in any misconceptions about vaccines, as they are safe. Every resident who is above 45 years can take vaccines from the government with an Aadhar card as proof for registration.


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