National Newborn Week 2020

India is celebrating National Newborn Week 2020. It is being observed from 15th November to 21st November. Union Health Minister, Dr. HarshVardhan, led an event to mark its importance on 20th November. This event was scheduled to reinforce the significance of infant wellbeing as a key need territory of the health sector. It was organized to realize the potential and reach the highest elevated level.

The focus of this year’s week was:-

  • Equity
  • Quality
  • Dignity

for every newborn child at any place of birth.

Dr. Harsh reminded everyone about, India being turned into the principal nation to dispatch the India Newborn Action Plan (INAP) in 2014. The main aim of the plan is towards taking out preventable deaths of newborns and stillbirths.

PM Narendra Modi’s dynamic approach and inspiration are helping India to achieve success in The Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Programme. He also admired former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee for the idea of the whole week and the decreased infant mortality rate.

Expounding on the accomplishments he said that although there is a decrease in the measurements, one single demise is a misfortune for the whole family. He added the vision of the public authority is that “each youngster ought to endure, flourish, and arrive at their maximum capacity”. He added that the Government is resolved to run after the wellbeing and advancement, everything being equal. “We are mindful to even the moment cause that hampers the turn of events and birth of the infant, or one that causes weakness and additionally passing of the infant”. The Government has dispatched a few projects like Poshan Abhiyaan for guaranteeing the endurance and improvement of the youngsters and infants including the nourishment.

He revealed National Newborn Week IEC banners for the spread of data and for setting off conduct change and request age on new-conceived wellbeing. He additionally delivered two particularly planned preparing modules on the Newborn Stabilization Unit and the Newborn Care Corner for capacity working of medical services suppliers related to new-conceived care.

A detailed report card was also released to check on the targets set in INAP. India’s target was to reduce Newborn Mortality Rate to 24 per 1000 birth and the stillbirth rate to 19 by the year 2020. The latest numerical figures are as follows:

  • Newborn Mortality Rate – 23 per 1000 live birth
  • Stillbirth Rate – 14 per 1000 live birth

Manohar Agnani who is Additional Secretary of Reproductive and Child Health, Union Health Secretary – Rajesh Bhushan were present during the event.

National Representatives, Counselors, and Presidents of all the expert teammates and advancement accomplices joined through Video Conference.

In the end, Dr. HarshVardhan showed gratitude towards and Indian and National bodies working vigorously towards saving the lives of newborns and every person. He thanked and remarked the contribution made by these national and international bodies:-

  • National Neonatology Forum (NNF),
  • Indian Association of Paediatrics (IAP),
  • Indian Association of Neonatal Nursing (IANN),
  • WHO
  • Kalavati Saran Hospital
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
  • Save the Children,

Vandana Gurnani, Addl. Secretary (National Health Mission) was also present with other senior officials.


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