Geriatric Care Hospital Opened in Chennai

Glad tidings came from the southern city of India, Chennai, where a new hospital has been established. This hospital is unique in its own way. This hospital has been launched for elderly people and will offer a thorough appraisal of various co-morbidity. It focuses on improved quality of life and personal satisfaction of older folks. It also aims to reduce the time they had to stay in hospital.

Gericare Hospital was authorized and commissioned by the following persons:-

  • Aravindan Selvaraj – Kauvery Hospital executive director
  • S. Thanikachalam – Cardiologist
  • V.S. Natarajan – Sr. Geriatrician

“Gericare was India’s first selective geriatric clinic,” said the Founder Director, Lakshmipathy Ramesh. He also told that the hospital is overseen by experienced geriatricians proficient in overseeing complex illness and medications interaction because of the improved group approach. The core idea is to begin low and go delayed in drug dosing.

The main features of the hospital are:-

  1. Trained nurses
  2. Ventilated washrooms
  3. Anti-skid floors
  4. Elder-friendly environment
  5. Hand rails
  6. Emergency and non emergency ambulance
  7. Home care nursing
  8. 24*7 emergency care
  9. Assisted living and skilled nursing care

It will likewise offer the preventive geriatric examination at home lessening the hanging tight time at the hospital for a meeting. It provides continuous help from hospitals to homes.


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