India Sends Covid-19 Vaccine to its Allies

India is a unique country in its own ways. India’s friendly relations are known all over the world. Previously also, India has a traditional trend to help the nations who are in need be it in the field of technology, medicinal or military. 

India is also known for its commitment to the promises. Earlier India made a VaccineMatri commitment to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine to 6 neighboring nations as a gesture of goodwill. India started to work on its promise from 20th January, when India handed over the first batch of CoviShield vaccine to Bhutan and Maldives.  

Bhutan became the first country to receive India’s help. An aircraft delivered 150000 doses. The Foreign Minister of Bhutan was really glad and appreciated India’s move of such a generous gift. 

On the same day, India also honored its promise to send the Covid-19 vaccine to the Maldives as a term of extended friendship. The Maldives received 100,000 doses of the CoviShield vaccine. Maldives President, Ibrahim Mohamed, used his Twitter account to thank Narendra Modi for India’s help in battling the corona virus. 

On the very next day, vaccines were sent to Bangladesh. Whereas consignment of Vaccine was delivered to Mauritius and Seychelles on Friday. Nepal also received the vaccine along with Bangladesh. It received 10,00,000 doses as a gift. KP Oli thanked the government of India for such a grateful gift. He appreciated India’s help in critical times even when the vaccination drive is going on in India.  

Bangladesh became the fourth country to receive doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. India sent around 20 lakh doses of vaccine. It was delivered to Dhaka’s airport under grant assistance. Bangladesh was in urgent need of vaccines as the infections were increasing rapidly. Bangladesh’s foreign minister reminded of India’s assistance in the Liberation War of 1971 and yet again India came forward with the gift of the vaccine.  

Mauritius and Seychelles also became part of India’s help in supplying the Covid-19 vaccine to neighborhood countries. One lakh and 50 thousand doses were delivered respectively to these countries. The supply to Seychelles will cover around 25 percent of the total population. 

The commercial export of vaccines was also cleared by the government. Brazil also received 2 million doses from India. Brazilian President, Jair M. Bolsonaro took his Twitter handle to thank Narendra Modi for the supply of the vaccine. 


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