MOUs to facilitate fruitful exchange of medical staff and facilities between the UK and India

The government of Rajasthan has been toiling day in and day out to ensure a fast recovery rate of COVID-affected patients in the state that has recently recorded a 97% recovery rate among its residents. Addressing the commendable feat, British Deputy High Commissioner, Peter Cook has lauded the efforts of the state in the management and control of the COVID situation in the state. Owing to the exemplary supervision of the crisis, the state currently boasts of a high recovery rate. While almost every place worldwide has been facing an all-time-high scarcity of nurses, doctors, and front-line workers, the Rajasthan Government has figured out an apt way to navigate around the dilemma. This has earned the state immense praise and respect in the eyes of its international companions. 

In a recent interaction, the British Deputy High Commissioner has expressed interest in forming Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) between the two regions to facilitate cross-border COVID support and aid in response to the medical personnel crisis as well as the treatment and diagnostic advancements. The proposal comes amidst trying times when every country has been fighting the ravages of the virulent pandemic that has left a myriad of casualties in its wake.  

As per the recent interaction between Cook and the Rajasthan State Health Minister, Raghu Sharma, the proposed MOUs ought to facilitate exchange programmes of nurses and medical staff between the two nations of India and the United Kingdom. This move aims to resolve the crisis that has arisen from the scarcity of medical personnel following the rampant increase of COIV-affected patients. Facilities such as tele-medicine and online consultancy are being scheduled for amicable exchange between the two international companions. Both the nations envision a better, more improved COVID situation following the predicted successful implementation of the aforementioned MOUs.  

The state of Rajasthan has recorded a commendably low mortality rate that alludes to the timely supervision of the casualties brought about by the COVID pandemic. Praising the ‘Bhilwara’ as well as the ‘Ramganj’ models in Rajasthan, Cook has lauded the state’s efficiency in combatting the scarcity of nurses and emerging victorious in the race against the unprecedented world crisis. Addressing the fruitful micro-management of the state government during the pandemic, the British Deputy High Commissioner has voiced “a need of MOUs like sending nursing staff to the UK from the India and its various states like Rajasthan.”  

The move aims at aiding both the nations in combatting the challenging situation and its plethora of casualties. Peter Cook has expressed hope about the two nations joining hands in combatting the virus by means of exchanging tele-medicine and online consultancy along with social media and digital assistance to ensure seamless availability of medical facilities. The Indian government is hopeful of the fruitful outcome of the much-awaited MOUs and the British officials mirror the sentiment. The nurses of the nation have been serving selflessly since the inception of the virulent pandemic and the proposal for MOUs is no short of a cherry on the cake that will effectively improve their financial status quo.


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