Germany sings MOU with Kerala to hire nurses.

Overseas demand of Indian nurses is growing after COVID-19. German counsul, Achim Burkart signed the MOU with NORKA Roots officials this week in the presence of Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Representatives from Germany calling it a Fair Migration opportunity and increased demand of Indian healthcare professional in European Union (EU).

To overcome the German language barrier, officials from Germany will help in all the stages of passing the language competency exams and become familiar with German culture.

P Sreeramkrishnan, Vice Chairman of NORKA Roots, said that ”this is the first time opportunity of where German government is hiring healthcare professional directly”. Although hiring of health professional through agencies was a common practice but the current involvement of government interest will open more opportunities upon successful completion of the program.

B-1 level of German language proficiency will be required to obtain in India and B2 level after reaching in Germany. The Goethe Zenthrum institute will provide free training for the same.


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