Did you get the National Unique Identity Number (NUID)? Now enroll easily.

Indian Nursing Council is trying to get all nurses in the Nurses Registration and Tracking system but requirement of biometric registration is making the process slow. Nurses who whish to self enroll in NRTS have to go to the respective state nursing council for the fingerprint and other biometric procedures with a prior appointment.

In the recent upgraded version of NRTS, Aadhar based OTP system is enabled to eliminate the visit to State Nursing Council for biometrics. Nurses can self enrolled by giving Aadhar linked mobile number with OTP authentication.

Currently many nurses are waiting for appointment to be given at state nursing council and many of them have hard time to go to another state. Any pending request of biometric authentication at State Nursing Council is enabled to self authenticate now.

Only 10 lacs nurses have enrolled so far in the NRTS system. More than 20 lacs nurses are remaining to register.

After successful authentication, the State Nursing Council will approves the application, an NUID card will be issued.

Indian Nursing Council circular regarding this new update is available on the INC website and given below.

National Digital Health Mission aims to register and allocate a unique identify number to all nurses, doctors and healthcare professional in India. The details of healthcare professionals will be available through APIs.


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