COVID 19 Vaccine: States starts preparation to create Health Workers Database (HWD)

Health Workers Database for COVID-19 Vaccination
Health Workers Database for COVID-19 Vaccination

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Health Ministry anticipates the discovery of a cure for the novel COVID-19 disease. The frontline health care workers have been prioritized by the Central Government to be provided with the vaccination as soon as it is discovered. For the same, the Central Government with the help of State Governments has initiated the creation of the Health Workers’ Database (HWD). Under the database, all the healthcare workers would be listed who have been working to cure COVID patients. The orders in this regard were passed by Amit Negi, Secretary of Health Department.

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The categories mentioned under the database would be including frontline health workers, Anganwadi workers, staff nurses, medical officials, AYUSH doctors, paramedical practitioner, scientists and research staff, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs), Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), medical, paramedical and nursing students, support staff, clerical and administrative team, working in all government and private health facilities, including hospitals, colleges, clinics, and labs.

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Many state governments have geared up to create the database prior to the date limit of October 31 as instructed by the Central Government. The Odisha Government with the help of different associations has instigated the creation of the database. Also, they wrote to the district collectors of the state to avoid any clemency under the complacency of a better recovery rate. Similarly, the Karnataka government plans to use the existing immunisation chain for the introduction of COVID 19 Vaccine. In the same way, the Uttarakhand Government is also all set to start the preparation of the database, says GC Pandey, State Information Officer of Uttarakhand.

All states are trying to establish various types of chains to reach health facilities in government and private sectors for appropriate and well-timed data collection with the help of technical support provided by the various professional organisations.


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