Additional 1500 CHO’s to be Recruited under NHM: Rajasthan Govt.

Community Health Officer(CHO)

An official explanation was delivered on 19 October, Monday by the Rajasthan government to recruit 1,500 more Community Health Officers. Earlier 6,310 CHO’s were to be appointed which has been increased to 7,810 after Chief Minister Ashok Gahlot’s approval. Rajasthan government has chosen to delegate 1,500 more CHO’s under the National Health Mission in the midst of continuous enlistment of 6,310 CHO’s.

This came in the wake of Ayushman Bharat Abhiyan. The authoritative has made it’s target clear to redesign all Sub-wellbeing centres to the degree of ‘Health and Wellness centres’ in Rajasthan by 2022.

 Community Health Officer(CHO)

In 2019-20 the vacancies released by the state was 2,310 and for the next year was 5,500. The statement said that the authority was sincerely busy enrolling 6,310 CHO’s when it chose to designate 1,500 more. This will help them to clear all vacancies till 2020-21. This will benefit the state in two ways. When the youth is struggling and trapped in the burden of unemployment, this will help them to find jobs, and accordingly, the medical facilities will improve in the prime of Covid-19.

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The statement also said that they are in process of recruiting CHO’s on a contractual basis for Medical and health centers for all the districts in Rajasthan.

As per the arrangements of the Project Implementation Plan (PIP) under the scheme of National Health Mission (NHM), these authoritative CHO’s will be paid honorarium with the extra incentives.

official website: click here

The proposal was appraised by CM Ashok Gehlot and he tweeted about the information of additional vacancy on October,19. The applicants can apply for the post of CHO’s till 31 November 2020.



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