UP Govt Releases 4.16 Crore Fund To Ensure Resources in Covid Hospitals

 The hospitals need to be equipped with all the necessary types of equipment so that they can fight with Covid-19 efficiently. For the same reasons, CM Yogi Adityanath has released a fund amounting to 4.16 crores to various hospitals, institutes, and medical colleges. The main purpose of this action was that no hospital should face a lack of resources.

The following organizations are being transferred the amount to maintain their equipment:-

  • BRD Medical College 
  • Ram Manohar Lohia Institute 
  • Motilal Nehru Medical College 

The funds will help these institutes to strengthen their medical resources and ultimately, help in the fight against coronavirus. As the Covid-19 cases are rising, it is important to be ready with proper equipment so that they can treat patients without any delay. The funds will be used to buy these equipment

  1. ABG Machines 
  1. ECG Monitors 
  1. Suction Machines 
  1. Tabletop pulse oximeters 
  1. BiPAP machines 
  1. Defibrillators 
  1. Multipara monitors 

RML Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow is treating covid patients largely. They are funded with 1.59 Crores. It will help them to purchase 40 BiPAP machines.

Rs 1.30 Crore has been released to Motilal Nehru College located in Prayagraj. This will ensure the availability of the following types of equipment:-

  1. 9 suction machines
  1. 2 defibrillators
  1. 5 ECG Monitors
  1. 2 ABG Machines
  1. 100 Para monitors

For the BRD Medical College, CM has allocated more than 1.27 crore. This will be used to purchase Rs 77.50 lacs worth Multipara Monitor and Rs 49.50 lacs worth tabletop Pulse oximeters.

Multipara Monitor is the most effective device in treating serious covid patients. It helps in monitoring BP, ECG, etc. at the same time. It is also equipped with an alarm that will ring when the patients feel difficulty in breathing.

Monitoring oxygen levels is very important in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. These all types of equipment will help the institutions to treat the patients more effectively.


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