UAE Nursing and Midwifery Professionals Empowered through MoHAP’s ‘Nebras’ Initiative

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has introduced the ‘Nebras’ initiative, a pioneering program aimed at empowering nursing and midwifery professionals and fostering their engagement in scientific research aligned with national health priorities. In collaboration with Pfizer, this initiative represents a significant step forward in the national strategy for nursing and midwifery from 2022 to 2026.

Strengthening Expertise and Research:

The Nebras initiative focuses on strengthening the expertise of nursing and midwifery professionals while encouraging their active involvement in scientific research. By prioritizing research in line with national health priorities, the program aims to elevate the fields of nursing and midwifery in the UAE.

National Mentorship Program:

A crucial component of Nebras is the establishment of a national mentorship program. Accomplished experts in the nursing and midwifery field are invited to apply as mentors, offering guidance and support to professionals seeking to conduct research. The mentorship program ensures a robust framework for knowledge transfer and skill development.

Empowering Nurses and Midwives:

Nebras provides an exceptional opportunity for nurses and midwives across the UAE to contribute to scientific research. Professionals can submit their research ideas and apply as mentees, with a rigorous evaluation process determining the selection of projects. Successful mentees are paired with mentors who align with their research interests, fostering a collaborative and impactful approach to research execution.

Advancing Research Execution:

Through a dedicated digital platform, mentors and mentees collaborate to create tailored mentorship plans and establish timelines for executing research projects. This comprehensive approach ensures effective guidance and support throughout the research process, enabling professionals to contribute to the advancement of nursing and midwifery fields.

Recognizing Achievements and Disseminating Findings:

The Nebras initiative concludes with a ceremony honoring the participants and showcasing their research achievements. This platform allows for the dissemination of research findings, highlighting the impact of the initiative on nursing and midwifery practices in the UAE. A comprehensive report is generated, capturing the activities, outcomes, and overall significance of the Nebras initiative.

Commitment to Nursing and Midwifery Excellence:

Dr. Sumaya AlBlooshi, emphasizing the importance of nursing and midwifery in the UAE’s healthcare system, expressed the Ministry’s commitment to leadership and the adoption of best practices. The Nebras initiative aligns with the vision of establishing a resilient healthcare system that meets the demands of the UAE’s future.

National Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery (2022-2026):

The Nebras initiative is part of the broader national strategy for nursing and midwifery, approved by the Cabinet in 2022. The strategy encompasses various pillars, including effective regulation, governance, and leadership, sustainable workforce management, transformative practice and quality care, innovative education and professional development, and advanced research aligned with national health priorities.

Oversight and Collaboration:

To ensure effective implementation of the national strategy, the Ministry has established the National Committee for Nursing and Midwifery. The committee, comprising key national partners, including education and healthcare authorities, collaborates to elevate the nursing and midwifery professions, promoting excellence and fostering a robust healthcare system in the UAE.


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