TWNA collaborates with Philippine Nurses Association

Taiwan Nurses Association ties with Philippine Nurses Association for nursing education.

Taiwan Nurses Association (TWNA) is expanding the boundary of nursing education to multiple countries collaborating for the better of global healthcare. In a series of nursing collaborations, TWNA signs an MOU last week with Philippine Nurses Association for training and education.

In June this year, TWNA collaborated with  The Federación Argentina de Enfermería and the Mongolian Nurses Association for education.

TWNA consider these cooperation as part of the VOICE to LEAD program by the International Council of Nurses.

The pandemic has increased the importance of nurses all over the world and it is time to make the whole world aware of the problems being faced by nurses and solve them. In the efforts to solve this, all the international and national organisation of the world are raising their voices regarding the investment in the nursing sector so that the nurse can prevent it before the next pandemic comes and live the life they deserve.


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