Shri Dr. Manshukh Mandaviya Proposes Global Assembly on Food at G20 Global Food Regulators Summit 2023

Manshukh Mandaviya advocates a dedicated platform on food safety, stressing its impact on global health at G20 Food Regulators Summit

Mansukh Mandaviya in G20 Global Good Regulators Summit 2023

In a significant address at the G20 Global Food Regulators Summit 2023, Indian Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Manshukh Mandaviya, called for the establishment of an assembly dedicated to food matters, akin to the esteemed World Health Assembly. The summit, which brought together global food regulators and policymakers to address pressing food safety and quality issues, served as the ideal platform for Minister Mandaviya to advocate for enhanced cooperation in the realm of food health and safety.

During his speech, Dr. Mandaviya emphasized the critical connection between food and human health. He pointed out that the safety, standard, and quality of food directly impact the well-being of people worldwide. Thus, creating a separate platform similar to the World Health Assembly, dedicated solely to addressing food-related challenges, would enable nations to prioritize and collaborate on ensuring safe and nutritious food for all.

“In India, healthcare is not a matter of commerce; it is a service,” asserted the Minister, highlighting India’s commitment to the health and well-being of its citizens. By approaching healthcare as a service rather than a business, India has been striving to make quality medical facilities accessible to all sections of society.

Dr. Manshukh Mandaviya stresses the importance of tailored food standards to suit diverse regions and soil conditions. Recognizing the dynamic nature of nutrient content in crops, he urges a deeper understanding of the ecosystem. Integrating DNA analysis in nutrition studies, he envisions setting personalized food standards.

While health accessibility remains vital, ensuring nutrient-rich food for every citizen emerges as a paramount goal. Taking a proactive step towards sustainable agriculture, the PM Pranam scheme incentivizes balanced fertilizer use and promotes organic farming, combating the adverse effects on climate, soil, and food production.

Minister Mandaviya also shed light on India’s ongoing efforts to promote sustainable agricultural practices through soil health care and reducing reliance on chemical-based farming. He spoke passionately about the subsidies being provided to incentivize the adoption of alternative, eco-friendly farming methods. India’s commitment to sustainable agriculture aligns with its larger mission of “One Earth, One Health,” aimed at creating a healthier planet for future generations.

Furthermore, the Minister lauded India’s contributions during the pandemic, emphasizing how the country supplied essential medicines to more than 150 nations while simultaneously meeting internal demands. This, he asserted, underscored India’s commitment to global health and its belief that a healthy world can only be achieved by working together.

Minister Mandaviya’s proposal for a dedicated global assembly on food received positive responses from various attendees at the summit. Many experts and delegates acknowledged the urgent need to address food-related issues on an international scale and commended India’s commitment to a healthier world.

As the G20 Global Food Regulators Summit 2023 continues, the world waits in anticipation to see how the collective efforts of nations can lead to meaningful advancements in food safety, security, and overall global health. Minister Mandaviya’s call for a unified approach to address food challenges has ignited hope for a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

About G20 Global Food Regulators Summit:
The G20 Global Food Regulators Summit is an annual event that brings together food regulators, policymakers, and experts from G20 member and guest countries to discuss and strategize solutions to pressing issues related to food safety, quality, and security. The summit acts as a forum for collaboration and knowledge exchange to promote better regulatory practices and ensure a healthier and safer food supply chain worldwide.


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