Retinopathy Unit at Prayagraj, Meerut & KGMU Soon

Treatment of diabetic retinopathy

Glad tidings came from various districts of Uttar Pradesh namely, Prayagraj earlier known as Allahabad, Meerut, and KGMU (King George’s Medical University) Lucknow, where the administration has decided to develop a facility for treatment and management of diabetic retinopathy.

 It has got its name in leading causes of preventable blindness. It is usually caused due to damage in blood vessels in the tissue at the retina, back of the eye.

Specialists accept that that task is critical to UP which is home to about 4% of the worldwide visually impaired population of 45 million. Information from the public program for the control of visual impairment shows that an expected 1.85 million (18.5 lakh) individuals in UP are visually impaired. What is more regrettable is that more than three lakh new people join this population consistently.

Treatment of diabetic retinopathy
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Suresh Khanna, medical education minister and also who is leading the delegation, said on Tuesday that the blue-print for the advancement of the offices is being drawn. An assignment from UP likewise visited the Madurai based Aravind Eye Hospital to contemplate their set-up and working conventions. Authorities in the clinical instruction office uncovered that the appointment ventured out to Madurai in the primary portion of February and that the arrangement couldn’t push ahead in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. With circumstances gradually getting back to business as usual, the undertaking has been resuscitated.

A former government official recently stated that the saddest part is that loss of vision in a lion’s share of these individuals might have been forestalled. He was already a member of the team to tackle the problem related to the public program for control of visual impairment and visual impedance. Evaluations of information from the enlistment center general of India proposes that UP could be having over 3.9 lakh people with diabetic retinopathy. Insiders uncovered that under the arrangement, UP would likewise be getting clinical hardware to treat the condition so the administration could be given either free or at totally ostensible expenses to those out of luck.

An ophthalmologist said that there are three different ways to tackle this disease which usually depends upon gravity. They are:-

  • Surgery
  • Laser treatment
  • Injections

The injection is quite costly in private institutions. It cost around Rs.18000 to Rs. 25000. The total cost may add up to Rs. 75000 which cannot be afforded by everyone.


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