PM Modi: Nursing Education Will Meet Global Demand, Not Just Benefit India

Narendra modi picture with flag behind and text one health one earth
Narendra modi picture with flag behind and text one health one earth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a post-budget webinar on ‘Health and Medical Research’ on Monday, emphasizing the government’s focus on healthcare and the importance of research in the field. The webinar was attended by various experts and stakeholders in the healthcare industry including Health Minister Mansukh Mahdavia.

One Earth, One Health

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted that “Corona has taught the world that when such a big disaster happens, even the developed system of prosperous countries collapses. The world’s attention has now come to healthcare more than ever, but India’s approach is not just limited to healthcare, but we are going one step ahead and working for wellness. That’s why we have put forward the vision of One Earth, One Health in front of the world. That is, India has talked about a holistic health for all living beings, be it humans, animals or plants.”

Importance of Supply Chain in Healthcare

“The Corona global epidemic has also taught us that how important the supply chain has become, when the epidemic was at its peak, medicines, vaccines, devices, such life-saving things had unfortunately become weapons for some countries. In the budget of the past years, India has given a lot of attention to all these subjects. We are constantly trying to keep India’s dependence on foreign countries to a minimum. In this, all of you stakeholders have a big role to play.”

Integrated approach to Healthcare

Modi said “For many decades after independence, there was a lack of an integrated approach and long term vision regarding health in India. We have not confined healthcare only to the health ministry, but have emphasized on the whole of the government approach.”

Affordable Healthcare

Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of making healthcare affordable in India. He highlighted the government’s efforts to provide free treatment up to five lakh rupees under Ayushman Bharat, which has spared crores of patients in the country from spending a substantial amount on treatment. The Prime Minister also mentioned the Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure scheme, which aims to provide critical health infrastructure to small towns and authorities, creating new opportunities for health businesses, investors, and professionals.

Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure

“Under PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure is taking the critical health infra to small town and authorities. Due to this, new hospitals are not only being built in a small town, the entire health ecosystem is also being prepared. In this also many new opportunities are being created for health business, investors and professionals.”

Nursing Sector Development

“A successful technician is very important for a successful doctor, so emphasis has been laid on the expansion of the nursing sector. Opening of 157 nursing colleges near medical colleges is a big step for medical human resources. It can be useful not only for India but also to meet the demand of the world.”

Technology in Healthcare

Modi said, “The role of technology in making healthcare accessible and affordable is continuously increasing, so our focus is also on the maximum use of technology in the health sector. Through Digital Health ID, we want to provide timely healthcare facilities to the countrymen. Due to the efforts of teleconsultation like e-Sanjeevani, 10 crore people have availed the benefit of online consultation from the doctor while sitting at home.”

“Now due to 5G technology, a lot of possibilities are also being created for startups in this field. Drone technology is set to revolutionize the logistics of drug delivery and testing.”

“This will give hair to our efforts of Universal Healthcare, it is also a big opportunity for our entrepreneur. Our entrepreneurs should ensure that we should refrain from importing any technology now. We have to become self-reliant, for this necessary institutional reforms are also being done.”

Pharma & Medical Device

“In view of the possibilities in the pharma and medical device sector, many new schemes have been started in the last few years. There should be talk of developing Bulk drug park, Medical devise park. More than 30 thousand crores have been invested on schemes like PLI.”

“The medical device sector is also growing at the rate of 12 to 14% in the last few years. This market is going to reach 4 lakh crores in the coming 2 years.”

ICMR Research Labs

“To promote research, the government has also taken many other steps, the government has decided to open many labs of ICMR for youth and research industry. We have to see which infrastructure is there which can be opened.”

Preventive Healthcare

Preventive healthcare is an essential aspect of public health that focuses on preventing diseases and promoting healthy habits to improve overall well-being. Modi said “The efforts of the government regarding preventive healthcare have had a great impact. To save from diseases spread by dirt, be it Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Ujwala Yojana to save from diseases caused by smoke, Jal Jeevan Mission to save from diseases caused by polluted water, many initiatives, their results Coming in front of the country.”

Medical Tourism Promotion

PM Modi said that “From modern medical infrastructure to medical human resource, there is another aspect of the efforts being made in the country, they are creating new facilities and capacities, the benefit of which is not going to be limited to the convenience of the countrymen only, now the world is very interconnected. This is a huge opportunity in front of us to make India a huge medical tourism destination.”

Overall, India’s efforts to develop its medical infrastructure and human resources have created an opportunity for the country to become a significant medical tourism destination, contributing to the growth of the healthcare industry and the country’s economy.


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