Philippines nurses top the USA liscense applicants, India fifth on the list out of 116 countries

Nurses from the Philippines are the top immigrants in America out of 116 countries. More than 60% of applicants are from the Philippines of the total number of applications is 17,000.

CGFNS has published a report titled GFNS NURSE MIGRATION REPORT 2022: Trends in Healthcare Migration to the United States

What is highlighted in the CGFNS report?

Mukul Bakhshi, (JD, Chief of Strategy and Government Affairs, CGFNS International) said. “In releasing this report, we hope to identify key partners and stakeholders in governments, international organizations, the regulatory sphere, academia, the media, civil society, and beyond, We look forward to releasing this report on an annual basis, building off of the previous year’s findings, drawing comparisons and trends over time, and identifying new data points worth examining.”

The report highlights that ”While Filipino-educated nurses and healthcare professionals continue to make up the majority of healthcare migrants seeking work in the United States, this is not necessarily representative of the truesupply of healthcare workers willing to practice in the United States. Rather, this demonstrates continued challenges and complexities in the U.S. immigration system, particularly as it relates to healthcare workers. Due to visa backlogs, restrictive country caps, and long waiting times, immigrants from countries with high amounts of migrants seeking work in the United States are often left waiting for one or two decades for visa selection and processing. This phenomenon, known as visa retrogression, greatly impacts Indian-educated healthcare workers who, due to country caps, are waiting in line with engineers and tech workers seeking work in the United States. As a result, global migration flows of Indian nurses and health workers have shifted, as these workers are increasingly opting to bring their skills and education elsewhere, such as to the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Gulf Region.”

Why are the number of Indian nurses applying to the US so low?

According to CGFNS, the migration trend of Indian nurses is more in the countries of United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.  Since the Corona period, there have been changes in the rules of migration in these countries and to meet the shortage of nurses, nurses are being brought from all over the world.

The NCLEX-RN exam may also be a factor.  Passing this exam is considered very difficult for many.

Which states of America have more applications?
five states that are Texas, Illinois, Florida, Montana, and Maryland have more applications.   Texas and Illinois have a strong preference for applicants from the Philippines.

Which countries currently have a shortage of nurses?

United Kingdom needs 40,000 nurses in the next 5 years and training is being given to nurses by tying up with many Indian agencies.

As the expatriate population is increasing in Dubai, there is a need for nurses in the same proportion.  Although there is no statistics available for the shortage of nurses.

There has been a need for nurses in Australia for many years.  According to statistics, 80000 nurses are needed.

CGFNS has attempted to publish this report even though it does not have complete data. They say that all the stakeholders do not yet have a complete understanding of it.  In the coming years, a good report can be prepared by adding data collection, various institutions.


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