Palghar District Sounds Warning Bell for Congo Fever

In a major development, the local administration in Palghar has issued its alert for Congo fever after four such cases of CCHF (Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever) were reported in neighboring districts falling under the State of Gujarat. The virus is feared to have spread to human beings from animals. The district administration has cautioned state animal husbandry department staff, sellers of meat and cattle feeders to carefully look out for any such symptoms that may lead to the dreaded Congo fever

tick Congo Fever Nursing News

The virus spreads through the bites of the Hyalomma tick which is an external parasite that lives off the blood of birds, mammals, etc. In the circular released by deputy commissioner Dr. Prashant Kamble, it has been stated that CCHF instances have been unearthed in a few Gujarat based districts. Since several villages in Palghar border the State of Gujarat, a high alert has been issued to this effect. No CCHF case has been reported till date in the Palghar district. 

People with symptoms such as redness of the eyes, high fever, headaches, abdominal pain, joint pain, nausea, bleeding from the nose and so on, have been directed to report the same to the district administrative authorities. Farmers have been directed to ensure proper hygiene for their cattle sheds along with wearing masks at all times in tandem with hand gloves and gumboots. Palghar district is already combating increasing COVID-19 cases across rural zones. As of Monday, the 28th of September, 2020, the Palghar district witnessed a total of 34,558 cases. Out of this tally, rural Palghar villages accounted for 12,279 such cases in all. 


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